Why WALAKut HTV Should Be On Your Must-Try List - Snip to It! (2023)

If you make HTV/Iron projects with your Cricut or Silhouette machine, you may not have heard of a vinyl brand called WALAKut. It is the brand of the house that offersheat transfer bearing, and I'll show you an overview of the different variants of WALAKut and highlight the unique features that I love about this HTV.

What really sets WALKut apart as a brand is thelowest application temperatureand time requirements compared to other popular HTV brands. This makes WALAKut HTV an excellent choice for projects indelicate fabrics and synthetic blends, especially the lightweight, stretchy shirt types that are popular in women's clothing. Another plus? WALAKut has some amazing special HTVs like puff, silicone and super cool patterns that are cut and applied like any other HTV (no mask required!).

It's also a smart choice for people doing HTV mass projectsIt is easy to cut and weed, press quickly,and it's cheap.

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WALAKut Express

  • Low temperature HTV (250ºF-305ºF) with fast pressing time (5 seconds)
  • Comparable to Siser EasyWeed for easy mowing, weeding and layering
  • Ideal for polyester, delicate garments and mixed fabrics.
  • HTV matte finish, available in 19 colors

Express is WALAKut's HTV flagship. It is comparable in quality and appearance to Siser EasyWeed or ThermoFlex Plus. What sets it apart from these other brands is itslow temperature and exposure time. He canApply WALAKut Express at 250ºF for just 5 seconds! You are excellentHTV option for delicate fabricsand for shifts.

As an example, I applied WALAKut Express in black, yellow, orange and white to this lightweight, stretchy poly-cotton mix shirt. Despite being 4 colors, the design is only 2 layers deep leaving it soft and supple, and was incredibly easy to cut and apply.

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WALAKut Express vs. Hermana Easyweed

Most people know the Siser HTV for reference, so I'll use it as a comparison to the WK Express.Express has a matte finish, EasyWeed is semi-gloss by default (although there are some matte colors). Both products are90 Micron dickand have oneadhesive film, allows repositioning.

As mentioned above,Express can be applied at 250º-305ºF for as little as 5 seconds. EasyWeed has a base use temperature of 305ºF (335ºF with a Cricut EasyPress). Both products can be applied on top of each other and evenlylayered in the same project!

Cutting and weeding WALAKut Express

My experience with WALAKut Express is thiscuts as easily as its Siser counterpart. Available in 12" sheets and rolls, WK Express is perfect for craft cutters such as Cricut and Silhouette machines. The recommended cutter for Cricut machines is just a basic iron. (silhouette setting:heat transfer, smooth; Blade 3, Speed ​​8, Strength 6).

WALAKut Express has a clear, sticky backing sheet that sticks to the vinyl quite tenaciously; Although it comes out great, sometimes I have to use a little force to remove the excess vinyl from the backing. The adhesive backing is a real boon when you're doing fine detail work and accidentally removing an important piece. You can easily slide or reposition the vinyl on the holder and it will stay in place until you press it down.

Precio WALAKut Express

price comparison: WALAKut Express is only sold through Heat Transfer Warehouse and averages less than $3 per square foot (12″ x 12″).

Express is available in 3ft or 5ft rolls, as well as in larger quantities such as 5, 10, 25, and 50 yard rolls starting at $7 per yard. For comparison, Heat Transfer Warehouse also sells Easyweed rolls starting at $8.49 per yard.

Heat Transfer Warehouse's prices are much better than big retailerslike Joann or Michaels, who offer Siser HTV for $18 to $22 per yard.

LongWALAKut Express
12" x 12"3 $ (3 $ pro Quadratfuß)
12" x 36" (1 inch)7 $ (2,33 $ pro Quadratfuß)
12" x 60" (5 pieces)11,50 $ (2,30 $ pro Quadratfuß)
12" x 5 Meter32,50 $ (2,16 $ pro Quadratfuß)
12" x 10 Meter$60.00 ($2.00 per square meter)
12" x 25 Meter135,00 $ (1,80 $ pro Quadratfuß)
12" x 50 Meter255,00 $ (1,70 $ pro Quadratfuß)

Pros and cons of WALAKut Express

I really like the WALAKut Express HTV for a number of reasons, mainly because it's lightweight, easy to cut and easy to weed. The biggest advantage of this HTV is thelow processing temperature and short pressing time. This makes it ideal for ironing delicate fabrics at a low temperature.

The downsides, in my opinion, are the reduced range of color options (19) compared to EasyWeed (80) or ThermoFlex Plus (130). Express is also only available in a matte finish. Other than that I really love it!

WALAKut polite

  • Ultra thin and flexible HTV
  • Ideal for sports/synthetic fabrics due to the lower temperature and exposure time.
  • Matte finish, easy to remove and easy to apply with EasyPress - no ridiculous pressure required

WALAKut Soft is a counterpart to Siser Stretch HTV's Heat Transfer Warehouse. It is super thin and suitable for stretchy and athletic fabrics.. How thin? WALAKut Soft isonly 50 microns thick, compared to 85 microns for Siser Stretch or 75 microns for ThermoFlex Light.

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WK Soft can be applied to sports fabrics such as Lycra spandex and other polyester fabrics. It has a lower application temperature than Siser Stretch (310ºF versus 320ºF) and a shorter press time (15 seconds versus 20 seconds). WALAKut Soft also requires less pressure to apply, making it a great product to use with the Cricut EasyPress.

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Use a 60° blade for excellent cutting results on thin, resilient HTV

Heat Transfer Warehouse recommends cutting WALAKut Soft with the standard fine point blade (45º) using the iron-on vinyl setting. But I prefer the Deep Point (60º) blade, which handles the small details in thin, stretchy HTV better than a standard blade. I used the washi blade setting (which reduces the cutting pressure) on the heart graphic graffiti.

Advantages and disadvantages of WALAKut Soft

The downside of WK Soft vs. Siser Stretch is the color choices.WK Soft is available in 6 colors, compared to the 38 colors of Sixer Stretch. It also has a non-adhesive backing sheet and is not recommended by Heat Transfer Warehouse for fine detail projects. (To be honest, I have the same issues with Siser Stretch — the thinner, more stretchy HTV tends to be more difficult to cut into smaller, more detailed designs.)

But for me,WK Soft is a game changer. I would recommend WK Soft for its extremely easy application and ultra soft feel.

I'd normally recommend just using the Siser Stretch or other ultra-thin HTV with a standard heat press, but the Soft could be your new choice even if you're using the Cricut EasyPress.

WALAKut Puff (e Neon Puff)

  • Easy to cut, weed and press
  • Adds great value to shirts, hoodies and bags
  • Heat Transfer Warehouse is offering WALAKut Puff HTV for $8 per yard!

Heat Transfer Warehouse's most searched HTV isPuff WALAKut. Puff HTV is really having a moment right now, and WALAKut was one of the first brands to offer a quality vinyl with easy cutting and ironing instructions. I used it myself and was delighted with the result.

Puff HTV has a marshmallow-like quality once applied and is great for decorating clothes, hats, bags and more. It's a vinyl that can add great value to custom products since you don't see it every day on items found in large retail stores.

Puff vs Herd vs Ladrillo HTV

HTV dimension products are often grouped together, but there are many differences between finishes. The vinyl ottoman has a soft foam feel andEdges and corners have a smooth, rounded appearance. The flocked HTV feels velvety after pressing and retains more crispness at the edges. Brick HTV has a rubbery texture and does not swell or rise after heating. Keeps edges clean and sharp after application.

Why WALAKut HTV Should Be On Your Must-Try List - Snip to It! (3)
Why WALAKut HTV Should Be On Your Must-Try List - Snip to It! (4)
Why WALAKut HTV Should Be On Your Must-Try List - Snip to It! (5)

Puff HTV also tends to show off the texture of the fabric it is applied to.

Another important difference between these HTV products is the composition. Puff (and Brick) HTV is polyurethane, but flock HTV is usually based on PVC (Siser StripFlock Pro) or viscose rayon (DecoFlock special materials products).

WALAKut Puff is hot or cold peeling?

The WALAKut Puff is a Hot Peel HTV and after the first use you will see why. The firstProject I made with this Atem HTV, the support essentially fell of its own accord. When I removed the EasyPress, the protractor was resting on the vinyl like a raised table. I didn't have to pull the carrier off, just lift it up.

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How is HTV Puff used?

The recommended basic pressing instructions for the WALAKut Puff are310ºF for 10 seconds at medium pressure.

This really underestimates the variability of the Puff HTV. Regardless of the brand, this material has a reputation for being spirited. Different results can be achieved depending on the pressing material, pressing pressure, pressing substrate and covering material.

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The most important advice I can give is thisTests Tests Tests!

I've tried and tested, trying to find a rule of thumb that works every time, but various factors require tweaking. So here are mineimportant tips for good results with htv puff.

  1. Maintain the recommended temperature. Some people will say to increase or decrease the temperature, but I've found that simply changing the temperature doesn't change the results.
  2. focus on the applicationeven the pressure, especially if you use a Cricut EasyPress or similar craft printer.
  3. AttemptPress on a hard, flat surfacelike a table instead of a rug. I got my best results when I started pressing on a flat table with no extra padding.
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I've also had better results pressing the WALAKut Puff without the teflon sheet. I got a much more pronounced cerebral effect with a wrapper, but got a grainier finish when pressing without a wrapper.

Other recommended techniques, like re-squeezing after peeling, have given me disappointing results. Sometimes I would press the HTV breath a second time to try to increase the breath effect, only for the vinyl to discolour.

These are not hard and fast rules that even I adhere to in all situations, but these are the things I try to do every time I access Puff HTV.

Pros and cons of WALAKut Puff

First, the WALAKut Puff is a high quality HTV that can deliver great results, but it's temperamental and needs testing (sometimes a lot) before it works properly. That is cheap (only $8 for a 3 foot roll at the Heat Transfer Warehouse) and can be easily cut on a Cricut or Silhouette machine with normal settings. WK Puff works great with a regular or EasyPress heat press, but using a household iron to apply is not recommended.WALAKut Puff is also available in 19 colors, including 5 neon colors.

The only issue I've had with this HTV is that the backing sheet doesn't like to stick to my cutting mat so I have to tape it down and I often have to use thermal tape when pressing it down as well. The protractor isn't very sticky, so I need extra help to make sure the HTV doesn't move when I press.

The WALAKut Puff is only available in 10" widths, which can make larger designs a bit more difficult.

WALAKut Puff Plus

If you're looking for a little more dimensionality for your puff pastry projects, check out the WALAKut Puff Plus. This product inflates500 microns thick when pressed(0.5 mm or 0.02 inch) for a very pronounced 3D effect. Heat Transfer Warehouse recommends pressing Puff Plus twice for maximum puffing effect.

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I've tried pressing Puff plus with an EasyPress instead of a traditional heat press and have had mixed results, but I've had much better results whenpressed without wrapper.

However, this product is designed for enterprise users.Comes in black or white only, and is only available in 20″ wide rolls. Heat Transfer Warehouse offers this in a 1 yard roll (20″ x 36″ = 5 square feet).$13 or $2.60 per square foot, so getting plenty of vinyl to try is a cheap investment.

WALAKut Metallics

  • Comparable to Siser Metal or EasyWeed Electric
  • Low temperature (270ºF), quick press time (5 seconds) and hot peel make it very easy to use
  • Available in 15″ rolls

WALAKut Metallics is a range of HTVs with a pearlescent finish, available in 8 colours. It is more similar in appearance and application to Siser Electric than Siser Metal, but has a lower application temperature and shorter press time than any Siser equivalent.

Here is oneClose-up photo of a poly bagI recently pressed with WALAKut Metallic. It cuts beautifully on the bail setting of my Cricut Explore Air 2 machine and removes weeds very cleanly.

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I love the low application temperature (only 270ºF) and short press time, only 5 seconds. The smooth feeling after pressing was amazing and I can't wait to use it on another project. It retains a very smooth and glossy finish.

WALAKut Metallic vs. Siser Metal & Electric time and temperature settings

The easiest way to tell the differences between these three different types of HTV is to create a simple graph. As you can see, WALAKut Metallic has a much lower application temperature than either Siser Electric or Metal. If you have delicate fabrics, you might prefer WALAKut Metallic.

WALAKut Metallicelectric sisterMetal sister
application temperature270º305º305º
application time5 seconds10-15 seconds10-15 seconds
skin temperaturewarm uphot Coldcalled
shift capacityonly top coatcan be layeredonly top coat
thickness95 Micron90 Micron63 Microns
color availability8249

The color selection WK Metallic covers the metallic spectrum:Silver, gold, copper and rose goldd (all labeled "Light"), as well as spot colors:pink, red, blue and purple. The pictures here do not do the purple justice, it is a fabulous color with a beautiful sheen.

(Video) Trying The WALAkut Express HTV Plus (Wash Test)

The wheels are also 15 inches wide, so you'll get a little more ($8 for 3 feet) if you buy one wheel, butYou can also purchase 12" x 12" sheets for $3.50 each.

WALAKut Modemuster

  • Cuts like regular HTV (mirrored) - no mask required!
  • Low Temperature Application (300ºF)
  • 37 cool patterns available at$6,75 pro Yard!

The first thing I love about WALAKut Fashion Pattern vinyl is that it can be cut, peeled and pressed like any other HTV. It has a backing sheet so you don't have to mow, weed and mask before ironing.

You can duplicate your cutting, weeding and pressing just like a regular HTV. Here's a closeup of the Fashion Patterns Glitter Waves I used recently. It laid beautifully in WALAKut Express in black and white and applied easily at 300ºF with a single 10 second press.

I found that this HTV standard is requiredadditional test cut. The recommended cut setting is Iron-on, but I had to increase the setting to Light Card Stock to get a nice clean cut. This is a very detailed project and it took a bit of work to sort through, but with a little patience it turned out to be better than I expected.

Fashion standards: must not overlap, it doesn't matter

Full37 different patterns available, and quite frankly they are great AF. I really love the glittering marble patterns. The Fashion Patterns collection also includes many animal prints and holographic patterns.

Fashion Patterns HTV varies in thickness depending on the printed pattern. For example, glitter patterns are thicker than animal print materials and should not be cut at the same settings.Always make a test cut!

To reiterate that point, I made a small project using the Fuzzy Cheetah print from Fashion Patterns. Again, the recommended cut setting for Cricut is "Iron-on", but I couldn't get a good cut when I tried. I increased the pressure on Iron-on+ and got a much better cut.

(Video) How to Sublimation 100% Cotton with Clear HTV (Heat Transfer Vinyl)

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The HTV fashion pattern is just a top layer, meaning you can't put another vinyl on top, but it should be the main feature of any design. It has a glossy finish and looks substantial on its base material.

It's also another Heat Transfer Warehouse vinyl available in 10" wide rolls or 12" x 10" sheets. For an HTV this good, it's incredibly cheap when you buy it on a roll.A 3 foot roll is only $6.75 or $2.70 per square foot, which is an incredibly good deal.

You can definitely afford to try a wide range at Heat Transfer Warehouse prices.

I am silicone HTV

This thick, flexible HTV conjures up images of soccer jersey numbers, yet is versatile enough to be used in a variety of projects. it comes to300 microns thick, but it is elastic and soft. It has a soft touch and a matte finish.

I had not used this product prior to writing this article and had no expectations, but it weeds beautifully and requires no special mowing equipment. I used the regular 45º fine point Cricut blade in a very detailed design and the silicone came off effortlessly.

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One important thing to note about WALAKut Silicone: It has aNon-stick carrier film (static). When cutting out a design with small cutouts or fine details, be aware that if you accidentally drop a small piece of the backing while brushing,can't paste againIs.

WALAKut Silicone comes in 10" wide rolls and can bePiece in 1 yard, 5 yard or 12 inch lengths. If you wanted a rainbow of colors in this HTV exclusive, I'm sorry,it just comes out empty.

WALAKut HTV time and temperature chart

To simplify your WALAKut projects, I've created a handy, easy-to-read time and temperature chart. It is available as a PDF and you can print it out and keep it next to your heat press. I have also created similar heat print graphics forSize,CricutjThermoflex HTV, and are all available to download and print from ourresource library.

Using this chart is easy. Next to each vinyl style is the press temperature in Fahrenheit and the press time in seconds. Also includes recommended pressure and peel temperature. The last column "Layerable" indicates if you can layer this vinyl (ie.Sim) or if the vinyl is only to be used as a topcoat (i.e.NO).

(That said, all WALAKut HTV styles can be part of a layered design, butExpress and Soft can be lower layers. Puff, Puff Plus, Metallics, Fashion Patterns and Silicone must not have any other layers of vinyl over them.)

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About heat transfer bearings

Heat Transfer Warehouse opened its doors in 2010 and has grown rapidly from its headquarters in Fargo, ND to offices in Cincinnati, Las Vegas and Jacksonville, FL. (HTW ships to the US and internationally.) They specialize in heat transfer vinyl andSublimationsmaterialien,Strasssteine, in addition to inputs andDevices for hobbyists and commercial customers.

Your WALA brand includeshot pressing,sublimation ovens, HTV and vinyl stickers,Sublimationspapierand ink. I've used their materials and the quality is as good as, if not better than, any major brand. If your product range is limited, it's probably temporary as Heat Transfer Warehouse is constantly adding products in new colors, textures and sizes.

Heat transfer accumulator also createsloads of useful content like tutorials, product comparisons, and how-to videos to help people improve their craft and master new materials.

How much does HTW charge for shipping?

How shipping works for thermal transfer stock orders:

  • Orders over $185 receive free shipping
  • Orders under $185 qualify for regular ground shipping ($12.95) or flat rate shipping ($14.95), depending on order weight.
  • Orders under $50 qualify for $9.95 economy shipping

Most orders are shipped via UPS or FedEx, and Heat Transfer Warehouse provides full order status, tracking, and content through its ShipStation portal.

In general, the atmosphere at HTW seems to be one of lots of fun people working hard to provide great products and information to their customers. I would 1000 times recommend ordering products through Heat Transfer Warehouse rather than risking oneCheap import of unbranded materials or electronics at Amazon.

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What setting do I cut heat transfer vinyl on Cricut? ›

You want to cut the heat transfer vinyl that is on the other side. Cut using the “Iron-On” setting – this is a dial setting on the Explore machines. The Cricut will do a “kiss cut,” which will cut the HTV and leave the carrier sheet intact. This will keep your project together, and make it easy to transfer.

What temperature should HTV be on cotton? ›

HTV requires higher temperatures and more pressure when printing on cotton. A good rule of thumb is to use 380 degrees Fahrenheit for upwards of 15 minutes.

Which side do you cut puff vinyl? ›

Which Side Down? The carrier sheet for puff HTV isn't as shiny as you're used to with our other materials. Make sure you put the carrier sheet (the “wet looking” side) face down on your cutting mat. For all the colors besides white & black, this is pretty easy to determine.

How do you cut a Siser Easyweed stretch HTV? ›

How To Cut Siser® HTV On The Silhouette Cameo
  1. Place HTV Glossy Side Down and Matte Side Up. ...
  2. Align and Load Cutting Mat. ...
  3. Use The Test Cut Function in Silhouette Studio. ...
  4. Unload the Cutting Mat. ...
  5. Weed and Inspect the Test Cut. ...
  6. Adjust the Blade.

Why is my puff vinyl bubbling? ›

This happens when you overpress your vinyl design.

Putting too much heat on vinyl will cause the glue that helps adhere it to the material either evaporate and your hold won't be as strong OR it will push up the glue and cause bubbles to form.

Why won't my Cricut cut through heat transfer vinyl? ›

Open the Manage Custom Materials page through the Design Space menu and increase the pressure for your material setting by 2-4, then perform a test cut. You may need to increase the pressure settings 2-3 times by increments of 2-4 to see a change in the cut result.

Why is my heat transfer vinyl not cutting? ›

HTV cutting problems

The vinyl hasn't been inserted correctly into the machine: most HTV sheets have their liners facing outwards. The sheet must be placed face up in order to cut the vinyl. If you do it the other way around, you would be cutting the liner (which is thicker and rougher) and not your HTV.

Can I use HTV on 100% cotton? ›

Can You Heat Transfer 100% Cotton? Yes, you can apply HTV on 100% cotton. However, if you're into the sublimating process, 100% cotton does go well with sublimation transfer paper. For sublimation printing, polyester shirts are recommended.

What temp do I press HTV on 100 cotton? ›

What sort of material are you jazzing up with heat transfer vinyl? The type of fabric will determine the temperature needed to make a permanent transfer. 100 percent cotton requires the highest temperature, which is around 380 degrees Fahrenheit. Polyester responds to a more delicate 270, so be careful with it!

Do you let HTV cool before peeling? ›

You don't want to risk peeling off the heat transfer vinyl while it's still hot. Give the adhesive time to cool off and bond with the fabric. That's it!

Do you cut puff vinyl shiny side down? ›

Prepping to Cut

Your 3D Puff HTV cuts just like any HTV, mirror shiny side down. Be sure your cutting machine is on an iron on vinyl setting. If you do not get a clean cut. You can adjust the pressure to add more if needed.

Can you press puff vinyl twice? ›

To get the best result of the puffiness, please make sure to press the PUFF FOIL METAL twice with the same settings. After the second press, you will notice the vinyl puffing up drastically more than the first press.

Do you put puff vinyl HTV shiny side up or down? ›

Which Side Goes Down on Puff Vinyl? When you place Expressions Vinyl puff vinyl onto a cutting mat, be sure to place the shiny side of the vinyl UP. Usually, with HTV, you place the shiny side down since the carrier sheet is shiny.

What cut settings for EasyWeed stretch? ›

Blade: 45°/60° Force: 5-10 Offset: . 250 Speed: 10.

What is the difference between Siser EasyWeed stretch and regular? ›

EasyWeed™ Stretch is one of seven in the EasyWeed family. It is the thinnest of the entire group of heat transfer vinyl. It closely compares to the standard EasyWeed, but has a softer feel and a matte finish.

Why is my Siser EasyWeed peeling? ›

Adding more and more pressing time to your design is going to begin to dry out the HTV, which makes it more susceptible to cracking and peeling. For most Siser materials, a 3-5 second press is enough to tack a layer down, but with products in the EasyWeed family you can get away with a 1 second tack!

What happens if you press HTV too long? ›

Time- Pressing or ironing for too short a time can cause HTV not to stick to your shirt. Pressing or ironing for too long can have the same effect. HTV works by using a heat activated adhesive so too little time and it won't heat enough to stick. Too long and it can actually burn the adhesive off.

How many layers of HTV can you do? ›

Can I layer regular heat transfer vinyl? Yes! You totally can. Smooth (sometimes called regular or basic) htv can be layered up to four layers.

Why won't my Vinyl cut on my Cricut? ›

Ensure that you are using a Cricut brand blade. Then inspect the blade and blade housing and remove any debris that may be stuck to the blade or lodged in the blade housing. Make sure to replace the blade housing back into your machine correctly. Once clean, perform a test cut.

Can you hand cut heat transfer vinyl? ›

The first step in crafting with heat transfer vinyl is to prepare your design to cut in the cutting machine software you are using. (If you do not have an electronic cutting machine like a Silhouette or Cricut, you can cut heat transfer vinyl by hand.

Why is my Vinyl machine not cutting? ›

If not getting clean cut

Slow down the Speed and try again. Increase the Force setting (Thickness in older versions) and try again. Increase the numbers of Passes (Double Pass in older versions) option and try again. Manually increase the blade level and try again.

Can you cut heat transfer vinyl without a mat? ›

This includes vinyl, heat transfer, and sticker sheets. You can these material types into the machine without placing the material on a cutting mat, and the machine will cut only through the material's surface but not all the way through the backing.

Why does my HTV look wrinkled after heat press? ›

HTV Wrinkling After Being Pressed

Solution: One of the reasons your shirt has wrinkles in it is if you pressed it for too long. Double check your time settings for your vinyl. If you press your HTV for too long, the vinyl will shrink thus causing stress lines in the HTV.

How can I make my heat transfer vinyl last longer? ›

Luckily, there are some ways to remedy this—here's how to make heat transfer vinyl last longer.
  1. Wait at Least 24 Hours Before Washing. ...
  2. Wash Clothes Inside Out. ...
  3. Avoid Excess Heat. ...
  4. Don't Bleach or Dry Clean.
Apr 30, 2021

Do you need a different blade for heat transfer vinyl? ›

Make Sure Your Cutter Blade Makes the Cut. Vinyl cutters come with a 45° blade, but not all heat transfer vinyl can handle that type of blade best. Different blade types may be required to cut through the material thickness or to achieve better results when cutting a detailed graphic.

Which HTV is best for T-shirts? ›

Siser Easyweed is 0.09 mm thick and works well with cotton or linen-blend fabrics, making it the top choice for t-shirt vinyl.

What shirt blend is best for HTV? ›

HTV works best on cotton or polyester or cotton/poly blends. Other synthetic fabrics, like acrylic, won't work correctly because they will melt under the heat of an iron.

What is the best brand of iron-on vinyl? ›

  • BEST OVERALL: J and J Packaging Heat Transfer Vinyl Bundle.
  • BEST BANG FOR THE BUCK: HTVRONT Heat Transfer Vinyl Roll.
  • UPGRADE PICK: Siser EasyWeed Heat Transfer Vinyl.
  • BEST COLOR SELECTION: Caregy Heat Transfer Vinyl Bundle.
  • BEST SPECIALTY: Cricut SportFlex Iron-On Vinyl.
Aug 19, 2022

How long do I press vinyl on 100% cotton? ›

10-15 seconds is the perfect pressing time. You don't want to scorch the adhesive by keeping the heat on too long and over pressing.

What is the best temperature for heat press? ›

The temperature used for an EasyPress is between 260 ℉ to 315 ℉ (130 ℃ to 160 ℃), much like a heat transfer machine. An EasyPress and heat transfer machine is recommended for vinyl printing, household irons are discouraged.

What temperature should EasyWeed vinyl be? ›

Application Directions:

Preheat garment in heat press or at 305° F for 2-3 seconds. Position EasyWeed application on garment and heat apply 305° F for 10-15 seconds on medium pressure.

How do you keep vinyl from peeling off? ›

Keep reading to discover easy ways to keep adhesive vinyl from peeling.
  1. Clean Your Surface. ...
  2. Use Heat To Help Dry Adhesive. ...
  3. Leave the Transfer Tape on the Vinyl. ...
  4. Use a Clear Coat of Paint.
Mar 23, 2022

Do you pull HTV hot or cold? ›

With "cold peel" HTV, you want to wait until the HTV has cooled, and then remove the carrier sheet. With "hot peel" HTV, you don't need to wait until the HTV is cool to remove the carrier sheet - you can remove it right after pressing.

How do you get wrinkles out of puff vinyl? ›

Preheat your garment for 3 seconds to remove any moisture, wrinkles, or creases. Press your material to 375° for 12-15 seconds. Peel off the liner when it's still hot.

Can puff HTV be layered? ›

A: Yes, if the base layer is regular htv. Then add the puff vinyl on top.

Why does my HTV keep wrinkling? ›

HTV Wrinkling After Being Pressed

Double check your time settings for your vinyl. If you press your HTV for too long, the vinyl will shrink thus causing stress lines in the HTV. Solution: Another reason your HTV may have wrinkles in it, is if it was pressed at too high of a temperature.

Can you fix wrinkled vinyl? ›

A garment steamer is typically enough to remove the wrinkles without melting the vinyl fabric. You can also use a heat gun or a hairdryer if you don't have a garment steamer, but you'll need to be very careful not to melt your vinyl.

Can you iron HTV after washing? ›

Hang drying will minimize any wrinkles you see in htv after washing. Do not iron directly on a heat transfer design. Just like you never iron directly to the vinyl when applying, you won't ever want to do that after laundering. The high heat on the vinyl will melt the vinyl and or burn the adhesive.

Do I need Parchment paper for Siser HTV? ›

You will NEED a Teflon Sheet or Parchment paper when pressing any HTV designs onto a material.

Do you let vinyl cool before peeling? ›

You don't want to risk peeling off the heat transfer vinyl while it's still hot. Give the adhesive time to cool off and bond with the fabric. That's it!

What causes vinyl to peel? ›

The simplest way to keep your adhesive vinyl from peeling is to ensure the area you want to apply your decal to is clear of crumbs, dirt, or bumps. Oils from your hands create a residue that makes your decal peel as well. Also, any dirt or foreign objects on the surface can lead to peeling.


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