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Hey, are you wondering what the heck is this BigCommerce template that everyone is talking about? They keep saying you need a template, you need a template, blah blah blah.

But what is correct? In this video we will talk about what it is.

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Ok, let's talk about the CLI template.

What is this? Well, template, when they refer to a template, it's actually a few things that come together in these simplistic templates.

Technically, it's a CLI template combination which is a command line tool.

This allows developers like me to run a version of their theme on our individual computer that connects to their cloud data to show us what it looks like, combined with their real data so we can develop it. test it and send it live when it is tested and ready to go.

It's a very good tool.

And I remember before we did that, expanding wasn't much fun because you had to do things in a way that just tried not to mess up a live site.

But you did.

So the CLI template is a great benefit for developers and for you as shop owners as it means we won't be making as much of a mess while working on your site which is great.

So it's not just a CLI template.

It's also a steering wheel, JS.

This is a type of code, a type of JavaScript, that is inherent in your theme and is now a template engine.

And it allows us to put those little brackets when we want to access database fields.

So let me show you the code and what it looks like.

For example, this is a category page.

And we have a field here that says brackets, bracket name, brackets, brackets, and that will actually display the name of this category on the page, it will display the URL.

And just like that, we have access to all these fields in the database.

And there are plenty of them that we have access to.

Here is an example of a thumbnail for this category.

We could have done something similar, before the template came out, when the model came out, the old framework, we had simplified database tags that we could do.

But what we couldn't do was something like this, an if statement.

And it says if this category has products, do it, otherwise do it.

In this situation, it means that if the category contains products, call this component to display all products, and if there are no products, display this message that there are no products in this category.

It's quite simple, but we can do a lot.

As statements we can say it knows if there is a custom field then it knows to do this table or whatever, if it knows if the category name contains it then it knows how to change the page to look like if or whatever.

There are so many things we can do right now that there are if statements and I'm saying now that there are if's as it just happened it was in 2016 when it came out.

But you like instructions and you know you like them, you know how to go through all the custom fields in the code and pick out some very, very sophisticated stuff compared to the old framework that was called blueprint.

So the CLI template is huge for us developers, it's huge for you shop owners because we screwed it up.

Upload, JS just allows us to be more complex in the code and allows us to do a lot more without putting more JavaScript on the page.

JavaScript is not bad.

But if you have a lot of JavaScript, your website can run very slowly.

So being able to do and control things that load on page load as opposed to doing things with JavaScript that comes on page load and changes the page.

It reduces page lag and reduces extra page loading which is good for performance.

These are two important things you know: where are the main components of the template? What we call a template is a CLI template plus an upload.

There are some other important features that are part of the template framework that we didn't have before, namely a CSS type or format called SCSS, which is SASS plus CSS, which, you know, just relates to how we do things. stylization

And we can nest style which is great as programmers.

And I know that's, you know, very technical talk.


let's say it.

It also includes preliminary work.

This is what we always say, you know how many products can be displayed on the page.

And we could define it by category.

We also have template-tools, which are a kind of lightweight API library that we can use to do quite advanced things in your store.

No need to build the whole app which is great.

So that's it.

It's all part of it.

In addition, you must have a CLI template to use the wholesale page builder.

So it just wasn't compatible with the model or template system at all.

I hope you learned a bit about what everyone is talking about when they talk about the template.

Is it important to you? I mean, there are still people who run a design store, but their store won't fall apart.

But again, templates are faster.

There are more things you can do with it.

There are apps that depend on it.

And it's much better in every way.

That's why I recommend upgrading if it's feasible for you.

Chciałem tylko rzucić światło na to, czym jest ten jeden człowiek, ponieważ jak wszyscy mówią, tylko szablon po szablonie i szablonie.

And that's how good, what is it? What is Liquid Shopify? Well, here's a tip Shopify is smooth and the templates are very similar.

So yeah, that's what I'm saying.

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Thank you and see you next time.

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