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The Best Way to Season a Cast Iron Skillet - HomeVirgo (1)Kitchen appliance maintenance is equally important for someone who is new to the kitchen and someone who is a chef. learn to seasonCast iron cooking grateA crucial point in the care of electronic devices.

If you skip seasoning or re-seasoning, you risk losing and rusting your pan's non-stick cooking surface.

You wouldn't want that with your cookware, would you?

That's not a problem, this article covers all the relevant information on the subject. Let us begin!

What is temper?

The Best Way to Season a Cast Iron Skillet - HomeVirgo (2)Simply put, seasoning is a process to protect your cast iron cookware from rusting. It's simply cast iron coated with oil through the "process of polymerisation". Gives your pots and pans a natural, non-stick and easy-to-release cooking surface.

You have to use oil and heat to form this protective layer on the pan. Consequently, the oil-binding polymers combine with the iron to form a coating that is inherently corrosion and adhesion resistant.

Although this happens a little every timecookIf you use oil, you need to season separately to take good care of your baking sheet.

Why you should season your cast iron skillet

The Best Way to Season a Cast Iron Skillet - HomeVirgo (3)Seasoning is not only crucial with a pan, but also with other cast iron pans (e.g. skillet, dutch oven). If you use these unseasoned pans regularly, they will quickly oxidize when heated in the presence of water and oxygen. Also, foods without seasoning can stick to cast iron pans.

Because seasoning adds a protective layer to a cast iron skillet, your skillet will last longer. Also, you wouldn't want your cookware to have rust stains that could transfer bacteria, would you? In addition, rust can also break into food.

(Video) The Best Way To Clean and Season a Cast Iron Skillet | Epicurious

If your cast iron skillet loses its non-stick properties, the food will burn. And guess what? You'll find that burnt food is difficult to clean, and you won't get the proper, delicious flavor you should (think burnt-tasting steak).

How do I season a cast iron skillet?

Now we get to the heart of our conversation: how to season a cast iron casserole dish. Learning the right steps is crucial, so do your best to do things carefully. However, we have broken down the whole process into 5 easy steps. We will see.

Step 1: Clean your baking sheet

The Best Way to Season a Cast Iron Skillet - HomeVirgo (4)Well, this step is actually in the pre-seasoning process. If you're frowning, let me tell you that it's okay to scrub and clean your cast iron skillet. It won't harm your pan even if you use soap. You may have heard that soap is responsible for damaging your cookware, no, it's not.

After cooking, wash the cast iron skillet in warm, soapy water. If you have burned-in food or stubborn stains, scrub the hob with a scraper. You might think this will remove some of the spices that are present, but hey, it will re-season the pan!

If you still disagree with using soap, use a small amount of kosher salt to scrub.

Step 2 - Dry your pot

After scrubbing the pans, make sure the cooking surface is completely dry. To prevent rust particles from being attracted, the pan must be moisture-free.

You can simply set the pan aside and wait for it to dry, or wipe any moisture off the cooking surface with a paper towel.

Step 3 - Brush the pan with oil

Now it's time to coat your cast iron skillet with oil. You can use olive oil or any other alternative like vegetable oil (we talk about that in detail below). So first take some oil and gently rub it on your cooking surface. You can use a paper towel or just a scrubbing cloth.

Be sure to cover every square inch and tap off excess oil.

Step 4 - Place the baking sheet in the oven

When you have finished brushing the baking sheet with oil, place it in the oven. And the temperature for seasoning the pan? Well, 450 degrees Fahrenheit is the ideal temperature.

Place your cast iron baking sheet upside down in the preheated oven. Then bake for a minimum of 1 hour and a maximum of 2 hours.

Step 5 - Allow the pan to cool

So this is the last step you have to go through. Once you're done baking, turn off the oven and let the pan cool.

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When cool enough to touch, store in a convenient place. Do not store the cast iron grill in cabinets that can come into contact with high humidity. For example, any furniture that sits on top of your stove can be exposed to high levels of humidity, so storing the pot is not recommended.

How to choose the best oil to flavor the foundry?

The Best Way to Season a Cast Iron Skillet - HomeVirgo (5)Well, it's okay to season your cast iron skillet with any type of cooking oil. However, if you are ordering the best option, we recommend using vegetable oil, canola oil, or melted shortening. "How can I say these are the best?" This question may pop up in your head. Well, that statement is based on its effectiveness, availability, and affordability.

Another point worth noting is the "smoke point" of your oil. That means the oil you use for flavoring needs to have a high smoke point. Because it's important to heat your cast-iron skillet to the smoke point of that oil (for the process to work properly). So if you use an oil with a low smoke point, it won't stick properly. Also, oils with a low smoke point overheat easily. Consequently, there is a chance that the pan will have a burnt taste.

You may be wondering whether or not you can use animal fats as they have comparatively high smoke points. Well, actually we advise against it because animal fats can go rancid if stored for a long time.

It's also important to make sure you preheat your oven to the ideal temperature for the oil you're seasoning your grill with. To make things easier for you, here are instructions:

  • Vegetable Oil: 400-450℉
  • Rapeseed oil: 400℉
  • Vegetable fat: 360℉
  • Linseed oil: 225℉
  • Sunflower oil: 440℉

The best cast iron pan in the video test

Why acidic foods aren't good for your cast iron skillet

Yes, you do have to be a little selective about what you cook on your cast iron grill, especially if you're looking to brand a new cast iron skillet for long-term use. So what's wrong with acidic foods? Well, cooking acidic foods with a new cast iron skillet can damage the spices.

If it's an old cast-iron skillet, its seasoning coating will be comparatively harder. As a result, it withstands acidic foods better than fresh, new pans. However, you should avoid cooking acidic foods in new and old cast iron pans. Also, try not to leave any leftovers in the pan, as prolonged exposure to acid can affect the seasoning.

How Often Should You Season Your Cast Iron Skillet?

Since you go through the seasoning process every time you cook with oil, it's not essential to season your cast iron skillet after each use. Yes, it's okay to cook with it for days and weeks without seasoning.

But if you notice rust or food particles sticking or burning, it's time to dry the pan again after cleaning.

Proper ways to remove rust from cast iron.

The Best Way to Season a Cast Iron Skillet - HomeVirgo (6)If your cast iron skillet has a few specks of rust, that's okay, nobody's perfect! There are ways to get rid of rust on your cookware.

(Video) Simple rules for cast iron care

All you have to do is rub the affected areas with steel wool. After removing the grate, wash the pan and season again.

What if your pan is badly rusted? Since most of the surface of your pan is affected, you should choose a different method.

If this happens to you, it is best to speak to your local hardware store, they will help you with this. If everything looks good, wash and season the pan again as usual.

frequently asked questions

Do I have to brand my cast iron pan when I buy it?

Yes, you should season your newly purchased cast iron skillet.

Why does my pan feel sticky and rubbery after seasoning?

Maybe you used too much oil to season your cast iron skillet. Another reason could be the lack of proper heating, it didn't warm up enough.

Does washing affect the seasoning? Is it okay to use soap?

(Video) How to Season Cast Iron

If you can. The spice can take a little soapy water and a good scrubbing with a brush. However, do not press too hard or use anything to scour your cast iron (e.g. strong detergents).

Why doesn't the seasoning look even in my new pan?

Well, there's not much to worry about. Some cast iron skillets have visible variations in the spice finish. These level out with use.

How do black spice flakes come out of my pan and what does that mean?

If the layers of spices don't fully adhere to the metal, the layers may separate from the pan. To remove it, scrub the pan with a salt or nylon brush, rinse well, dry and oil. Then put it in the oven and apply a heavy layer of spices.


It was about seasoning a cast iron skillet. Are you still confused about a corner of this topic? I hope your answer is negative as we are leaving no stone unturned to make things right.

Good seasoning!

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