The best curly hair dryers that won't damage your curls (2023)

Types three and four hair dryers.

The best curly hair dryers that won't damage your curls (1)

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1Dyson Supersonic™ Black Nickel Hairdryer
2ghd Air Kit (ghd diffuser and size 3 ceramic brush)
3Suszarka i stylizator SharkSTYLE iQ Ionic HD110UK
4 BaByliss Salon Pro 2200 hair dryer
5Mooie Diffon Supreme
6Panasonic EH-NA9J Advanced folding hair dryer with diffuser
7amika Poderoso Mini hair dryer

As for the purchase ofbest hair dryerFor your hair type, it can be difficult for those with curly hair to hit the mark. The wrong accessory can flatten your curls, and if you're not careful enough, you can end up with a frizzy nest. To make sure everything doesn't go wrong, it's worth investing in a dryer that's designed with curly hair in mind.

Searches for 'how to care for curly hair' in the UK are up 200% on Google Trends, so it's no surprise big brands like Dyson and ghd are doing their best to expand their range of products to of curly hair friendly options, zDyson hair dryer ripped offit also comes from woodwork. With a much wider range of options to suit every budget available, we've tested the best curly hair dryers, with options that really work, and options ranging from budget luxuries to budget friendly options.

If you're looking for a quick solution (aren't we all?), we've put together a short list of hair dryers so you can quickly buy the best option for you without going too far. Scroll down to find out why these products are the best, as well as other brands to check out.

List of the best curly hair dryers

Best Overall Curly Hair Dryer: Dyson Supersonic™ hair dryer

Best Ionic Curly Hair Dryer: ghd Air Kit (ghd diffuser and size 3 ceramic brush)

Best New Curly Hair Dryer: SharkSTYLE iQ Ionic HD110UK hair dryer and styler

The best curly hair dryers that won't damage your curls (9)

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Curly hair can be very temperamental if you don't know how to handle it. Frizz, tangles and breakage can quickly become a problem if you use the wrong product, and everyone knows a bad day can be more traumatic than anything else. With many different curl patterns, no curl is the same and each type requires slightly different setting and care.

Some features to look out for are low speed and low temperature settings to prevent heat damage and control curling. Remember to let your curls air dry slowly and it will dry out easier rather than blowing hot air as this will flatten your hair.

Want to add the ultimate curly hair dryer to your collection? Worry no more about those curly curls as we've scoured the top picks on the high streets for you to get your hands on.

SHOP: The best curly hair dryers

1. Dyson Supersonic™ black nickel hair dryer

Best overall curly hair dryer


Arguably one of the best hair dryers on the market, regardless of hair type, the Dyson Supersonic


  • A reliable and popular option
  • Three accessories to match your hair type
  • Multiple heat and power settings


  • Not all attachments are necessary
The best curly hair dryers that won't damage your curls (11)

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2. ghd Air kit (ghd diffuser and size 3 ceramic brush)

The best ionic hair dryer for curly hair


Trust us, ghd always gets it right. Your curly hair is safe with the ghd Air kit


  • The kit includes a brush, clips and a blow dryer for all your needs.
  • Powerful 2100W motor for fast drying
  • light


  • The buttons on the back are a bit difficult to use.
The best curly hair dryers that won't damage your curls (13)

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3. SharkSTYLE iQ Ionic HD110UK hair dryer and styler

Best new curly hair dryer


Built in the same way as the supersonic Dyson, the latest Shark STYLE iQ is for those who


  • Multiple heads for styling options.
  • High velocity heated ionized air ensures healthy drying
  • less heat damage


  • Not as powerful as more expensive options
The best curly hair dryers that won't damage your curls (15)

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4. BaByliss Salon Pro 2200 hair dryer

The best basic curly hair dryer


It seems we've all had a BaByliss hair dryer at some point. The truth is,


  • inexpensive choice
  • The diffuser attachment makes styling easy
  • ionic straightening system


  • It is not as powerful as other motors.
The best curly hair dryers that won't damage your curls (17)

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5. Beautiful Diffon Supreme

The best hair dryer with diffuser for curly hair


If you already know you need a diffuser to care for your curls, Bellissima


  • Universal hair dryer, easy to use
  • ionization technology
  • Digital heat control for easy adjustment.


  • There are no alternative styling options
The best curly hair dryers that won't damage your curls (19)

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6. Panasonic EH-NA9J advanced folding hair dryer with diffuser

The best foldable curly hair dryer


Designed to reduce split ends and minimize damage, this Panasonic Nanoe Mineral Hair Dryer does a double job.


  • Foldable for easy storage.
  • Nanoe technology eliminates static and reduces frizz
  • Four modes for different applications


  • Not as efficient as other hair dryers.
The best curly hair dryers that won't damage your curls (21)

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7. amika Poderoso Mini-föhn

The ultimate compact curl dryer


Finding a good curly hair dryer is hard enough, but finding a compact curly hair dryer is hard enough.


  • Small but powerful, perfect for travel
  • Dual voltage for international energy
  • Good design


  • Not as efficient as larger hair dryers.
The best curly hair dryers that won't damage your curls (23)

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What curl pattern do I have?

When it comes to type 3 hair, it's hard to know exactly what it iscurly patternfollow, especially if you haven't explored it yet. However, knowing exactly what type of curl you have will help you make healthy and effective decisions about your hair products and hair styling tools, whether it's a shampoo or a blow dryer. Wondering where you stand with your curls? Here is a short and practical guide to the types of hair to follow:

Typ 1: Simple

Type 1 hair generally does not have curls and is quite heavy and thick, making the strands appear straight. They can occur in fine or thick hair; if that's you, you might want to check it outhair dryersfor all hair types, because diffusers and curling accessories are useless.

Type 2: wavy

Waves can be one of the hardest hairstyles to master. Frizz-prone and bushy, wavy hair can be tamed as well as you think it can't. With a defined S wave, these curls can be enhanced with texturizing sprays and oils.

Type 3: spiral corkscrew

Now we come to an important category: curls. Often described as curls or feathers, curls can be an uphill battle in your hair. Within this type, there are three subcategories: A, B, and C. You'll find A's that are taller and voluminous, with large curls that can cause frizz, while C's are tight and twisted. Whatever type of curl you have, you'll be wary of curl-smoothing hair products, and definitely invest in a diffuser.

Type 4: curly curls

These curls really know what they are and you definitely can't walk away from this type of hair if you have it. To show off your hair with confidence, wrap your curls with well-defined curls.

What is the best dryer for curly hair?

Many dryers come in the same package with the same accessories, but if you have one thing to remember, if you have curly hair, you will most likely need a diffuser to keep those curls taut and bouncy; if not, you may end up with a lot of fluff instead.

Great dryer brushes like this oneRevlon OneStepIt probably won't help you with your curls, you need a hair dryer that distributes heat and air without flattening your curls like they do.

look atDyson supersonic vacuum cleaneror the ghd Air kit, which allows you to connect diffusers, so you can easily turn different styling options on and off. Don't want to invest in those bigger hair dryers? You can also fit universal diffuser heads that can be connected to any hair dryer.

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