The 15 Best Anime Shows on Amazon Prime Video (2023)

People watch shows depending on their mood. These shows, anime or otherwise, are more than entertainment media. They open a window on a distant world that, although imaginary, gives us something to believe in. For some it can be an escape from reality, for others it's an opportunity to experience a life different from their own. Maybe that's why there are so many genres. From comedy to intense drama, we've made sure you can narrow your choices down to the smallest selection to make your choice easier. Also Read: Spoilers & Preview: Don't Play With Me, Miss Nagatoro Episode 8

big blue dream

Genre: Slice of Life, Comedy. Those who read the Grand Blue manga will return for the anime adaptation. This hilarious comedy series doesn't shy away from raucous double entenders that will have you laughing out loud. Grand Blue Dreaming follows Iori's journey at the diving club. It's one of those anime series that doesn't even have to have a real story because it's just as fun as it already is. For those who are not familiar with this exciting series, Grand Blue revolves around Iori Kitahara, who is her parents' alcoholic. He falls into comic mishaps caused by a hangover. After the first hangover, he attends his first lecture naked. Here Iori befriends a delusional otaku, Kouhei, whom he drags into his misery with him. Constantly misunderstood due to multiple misunderstandings, Iori keeps trying to evade his superiors. Reviews IMDb Rating: 7.9 MAL Rating: 8.4 Also Read: One Piece Episode 976 Reveals the End of the Kozuki Clan

After rain

Genre: Romance, Drama. This anime captures the rawest emotions of the human heart that sees no reason. Love should never be easy. The taboo of loving someone age-distance is tackled cleanly. But above all, this anime executes the love we experience for different things: passion and the past. Characters grow to find the things they love to do and eventually find parts of themselves that were missing. Marinated with strong, unspoken emotions, After The Rain will break your heart and make you cry. Rating: IMDb Rating: 7.4 MAL Rating: 7.53

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the great hall

Genre: Romance, Drama. Kouhei Araki is looking for his successor as he retires from Genbu Publishing. He served as an editor on the dictionary's editorial board. While looking for a replacement, he meets the introverted and reserved Mitsuya Majime, an employee of the same publisher's sales department. Mitsuya Majime is a passionate reader and therefore has a brilliant vocabulary. He accepts Kouhei's offer and joins the dictionary publishing division. The anime revolves around a typical work environment and Majime's journey as she adjusts to her new position. The Great Passage is an anime that uses dictionaries as a medium to tell stories that many people can relate to. People might wonder how an anime can interest them through a dictionary but once they give it a chance they will understand what a gem this anime is. It has good Majime character development and sweet romance moments. Rating: IMDb rating: 7.6 times Rating: 7.64 Also read: Best dubbed love anime to watch on Netflix!

Iroduku: The World in Color

Genre: Magic, School. The basic point of this anime is growth. This simple concept is presented in the most impressive way in this anime. He uses imagination and magic and a little bit of romance to create this beautiful anime. Iroduku: The World in Colors mainly focuses on 17-year-old Hitomi Tsukishiro. It takes place in a world where magic is common knowledge. Hitomi belongs to a family of witches. She is young, but without emotions and without a sense of color. This leads to a smooth development of her personality. Her grandmother Kohaku sends Hitomi back to when Kohaku was 17 years old. Here he meets Yuito Aoi, an artist. His life is finally filled with the colors you want. But why did Kohaku send her back in time? What should Hitomi do? The anime follows Hitomi's growth as she meets different people and learns the way of life. Ratings: IMDb Rating: 7.3 MAL Rating: 7.5 Also Read: Top 15 Anime Leaders Who Were Also The Antagonists

banana fish

Genre: Action, Adventure. I would probably not recommend this series to weak anime viewers for its graphic scenes and storylines that need to be considered. Other than that, Banana Fish is an exceptionally good anime that definitely proves to be one of the best anime series ever released. Ash Lynx studies banana fish, something his brother mentioned after he got back from Iran. Ash is taken in by a crime family and knows his way in and out of a crime alley. However, when his friend Skip and Skip's assistant Eiji are kidnapped by Ash's godparents, Ash sets out to rescue them. The chemistry between Ash and Eiji is definitely charming, but the point of the story goes beyond normalizing same-sex relationships. Be prepared for rape, drugs, pedophilia and violent content if you plan to watch the series. It's intense and enjoyable enough to keep viewers coming back to watch it again and again. Ratings: IMDb Rating: 8.2 MAL Rating: 8.5 Read Also: Spoilers & Preview: Blue Reflection Ray Episode 8


vinland saga

Genre: Action, Historical. If you like historical anime series, Vinland Saga is what you are looking for. The story revolves around a Viking, Thorfinn. With Askeladd, his father's killer, he embarks on a sea voyage to seek revenge. Vinland Saga is set in the midst of war and hatred. It received remarkable feedback from people and became one of the most popular anime of 2019. The story armor of the anime is quite strong with characters that involve you deeply. There are so many aspects that Vinland Saga cultivates. Whether it's telling a complete story or emphasizing the meaning between the lines, this program does it all perfectly. Ratings: IMDb Rating: 8.8 TIMES Rating: 8.7 Read Also: Spoilers & Preview: My Hero Academia Season 5 Episode 10


Genre: Shounen, Dark Fantasy. As he grows up, Hyakkimaru meets Dororo, the leader of a group of thieves. Dororo and his band of thieves stole from the rich only to give to the poor. After a series of events, Dororo bonds with Hyakkimaru. The couple embarks on the journey to retrieve 48 pieces of Hyakkimaru by slaying demons. The synopsis itself is quite interesting. As the story progresses, many different issues are raised in society. It's full of mythological creatures and exciting plot twists to keep viewers on their toes. Ratings: IMDb Rating: 8.4 MAL Rating: 8.2 Also Read: The Detective Is Already Dead Anime Adaptation: What We Know

Psycho Pass: Season 3

Genre: Psychological Thriller, Science Fiction. New to the department, they seem to have caught the attention of many. One of them is Bifrost. The chemistry between the two new main characters is quite interesting. Furthermore, the harrowing mystery generates far more excitement than most sci-fi shows. If you enjoyed the previous seasons of the show, I would definitely recommend viewers to pick up the third season as well. Reviews IMDb Rating: 7.5 MAL Rating: 7.5 Also Read: The World Ends With You The Animation Episode 8: Preview & Recap

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Inuyashiki last hero

Genre: Psychological, Science Fiction. Inuyashiki shows how elements of violence can be used to portray both sides of human nature. Good and evil are embodied in the show's two main characters. Inuyashiki is a lonely old man fed up with the ignorance his family throws at him. His only company is his dog Hanako. But she learns that Inuyashiki will die in three months. His family's indifference to the news completely destroys him. However, when a bright light envelops him, Inuyashiki opens his eyes and realizes that he has been transformed into a high-tech war machine. Inuyashiki has the fate of the world and is trying to save it with his newfound power. Inuyashiki is portrayed as friendly. On the other side is Shishigami Hiro, a sociopath who loves to kill. He is a typical Kamidere character, which means he has a god complex. Reviews IMDb Rating: 7.7 MAL Rating: 7.7 Also Read: Manga Artist Kentaro Miura Died, What Happened?

happy sugar life

Genre: Horror, Psychological. Happy Sugar Life can be both extremely fascinating and downright scary. Once again I would exclude my weak readers from recommending this anime. This anime isn't the best show you'll ever see, but it will surprise you and send shivers down your spine. Happy Sugar Life features one of the most dangerous yandere characters in anime history. The show's protagonist, Satou Matsuzaka, has slept with many boys at her school. However, she can never feel feelings for them. But one day he meets Shio Koube and feels every inch of love that has always been unfeeling. To protect Shio, Satou can do anything and transcend all limits. Rating IMDb Rating: 6.87 MAL Rating: 6.5

Welcome to the ballroom

Genre: Shounen, Sports, Comedy. Welcome to the Ballroom is a living anime. He revolves around Tatara proclaiming that he wants to be a professional dancer. Inspiration comes from Kaname, who later invites him to his dance studio. This is an anime about dancing. While it might seem a little underwhelming in that light, Welcome To The Ballroom has a lot of developmental factors that make it a very satisfying anime. At first, before meeting Kaname, Tatara had no goals in life. He would have faded into the background without any passion or interest if Kaname hadn't saved him from the bullies. Rating IMDb Rating: 7.9 MAL Rating: 8.2 Read Also: Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun Season 2 Episode 7 release date, preview and synopsis

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Saekano: How to make a boring girlfriend.flat

Genre: Harem, Echi. This is the second season of Saekano: How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend. Tomoya Aki has now completed his visual novel. He hopes to play the best game. All members of Blessings Software are moving forward with character development this season. The season follows more or less in the same direction as the first. As someone who thoroughly enjoyed the first season, the second season was also worth enjoying. People committed to watching the good harem series Saekano: How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend will be an interesting watch.


IMDb Rating: 6.9 MAL Rating: 7.8 Read Also: Welcome to the Devil's School! Iruma-kun Season 2 Episode 7 release date, preview and synopsis

Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress

Genre: Horror, Fantasy Kabaneri Of The Iron Fortress is a 2016 anime that I wish more people would talk about. The story takes place during the industrial revolution, but in an alternate world. Here the world was threatened by Kabane, undead monsters infected by a virus. To avert doom, mankind built fortresses and heavily armored trains to travel between them. The only way to kill a Kabane is to stab it in the heart. Ikoma, the show's protagonist, has created a deadly weapon that he believes will give humanity victory over humans. Kabaneri Of The Iron Fortress is a well-written series that is definitely not to be missed. The series has a diverse cast of characters and decent animation. Rating IMDb Rating: 7.2 MAL Rating: 7.25 Also Read: Spoilers & Preview: Tokyo Revengers Episode 8

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Circo Karakuri

Genre: Mystery, Supernatural. Karakuri Circus revolves around three different characters from different backgrounds. The first, Saiga Masaru, a boy. After his father's death, he is pursued by his relatives. As the heir to the Saiga Enterprise, he became a target for assassination and amassed his fortune. The second character is Narumi Kotou. He is a man suffering from ZONOPHA Syndrome. Sufferers of the syndrome occasionally have seizures at random times unless they see someone laughing. When Saiga tried to escape from some humanoids sent to assassinate him, Narumi Kotou took him in his hands to protect him. The third character is Shirogane Saiga, a humanoid who claims to be Masaru's guardian. The three characters intertwine their destinies as they cross paths. .Rating IMDb Rating: 7.1 MAL Rating: 7.1

Altair: A Log of Battles

Genre: Historical, Military. All of Tughril Mahmut's wishes are to maintain peace in his country as war looms. But Tughril is slowly but surely drowning in the depths of politics. This anime takes war genre shows to a whole new level. Instead of focusing on big battles with epic CGI, Altair takes a step back and looks at war strategies, the conversations behind the scenes of war. The awesomeness of this anime allows the brain to take over in a war zone. Rather than just choreographing a battle, we see what war does to a country and the worries that war brings. Altair: A Record of Battles also details the effects of the war. The economic development and economic decline of a post-war country were presented without isolation. Even without major mecha battle scenes, viewers will constantly get an adrenaline rush from this anime's gripping storytelling. Reviews IMDb Rating: 8.1 MAL Rating: 7.6 Also Read: Preview: Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 201

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