The 10 most beautiful routes in the world (2023)

Car trips often become life's most rewarding experiences, allowing friends and loved ones to connect while testing and strengthening those relationships. They can also instill a sense of calm for those seeking solitude, as they find remote natural landscapes that are ever-changing and as different from the normal environment as driving on the most beautiful roads in the world.

Amalfi Coast, Italy

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Along the well-known Strada Statale 163, which was awarded the prestigious place on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1997, this stretch of coastline is full of twists and turns of about 80 km (50 miles). The natural views, the villages with Renaissance palatial villas in the middle and views of the sweeping turquoiseTyrrhenian Seathe Amalfi Coast are by far the most scenic walks along the coast in Europe. From the lush green of the mountains to the white and beige buildings that line the cobbled streets, you'll immerse yourself in all spectrums of Italian life, from history and nature to modernity and contemporary style.

Winding along the coast and cliffs of the Sorrento Peninsula, the impressive road begins in the atmospheric town of Salerno and spans a cliff flanked by high cliffs below which the blue Mediterranean Sea appears at different levels, depending on where the route lies. The pastel drama of Amalfi and Positano, among many other cities, set against the other's granite walls and azure waters, is so aesthetically pleasing that tears of pure happiness can be shed.

Chapman's Peak, South Africa

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It runs along the Atlantic coast between Noordhoek, a suburb of Cape Town, and Hout Bay, inSouth Africa'At the southwestern tip, the 9 km or 5.6 mile winding route is the most spectacular ride in the world. Chapman's Peak, also known as "Chappies", curves 114 of the rocky coastline and offers a view of the cliff that plunges 593 m or 1,768 feet into the Atlantic Ocean. With the wall of rocky peaks rising to the sky on the other side, breathtaking 180 degree views of South Africa's most spectacular coastlines open up to an exquisite backdrop.

The route along the Atlantic coastline acts as a link between Cape Town and the Southern Peninsula, with contrasting views of the open ocean and distant mountains. Although it's a hair-raising journey, the feeling of being lulled by the natural beauty that surrounds you and the adrenaline rush is a multi-sensory experience that you can't miss. You can enjoy the spectacle at designated stops, including picnic spots and whale watching spots along the journey along the edge of this unnerving mountain range.

Go to the sun, Montana

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Earning the rightful title of a National Historic Site and Civil Engineering Historic Monument (1985) since 1983, this iconic scenic route offers a 50-mile ride of good vibes and an epic surprise with unforgettable views as you reach the summit at over 6,600 feet. . The bypass, which cuts through the state's Glacier National Park from east to west, cuts through some of the country's most mystical landscapes, including windswept alpine tundra, ancient glacial lakes and dense onshore cedar forests.

The trip to the Sol tour also includes thecontinental division2,025-meter (6,646-foot) landmark that sits atop the tundra-filled Logan Pass and features a beautiful glacial lake that's comfortable on the plains. The vantage point is the best in the country for clear shots of the surrounding mountains. The backdrop of verdant slopes and snow-capped peaks seen from this National Historic Landmark contrasts with the bright blue sky contrasting with the tawny terrain.

Great Ocean Highway, Australia

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If you take this "wild" scenic drive, you have ample opportunity to encounter wild koalas and kangaroos along the 400-mile route. The beautiful natural limestone cliffs known as the 12 Apostles, located just off the coast, are a popular stop along the way for memorable photos. Located just minutes away in Port Campbell National Park, the amazing bay gorge with its pearly waters is also a must see. Here is Loch and Gorge, two yellow cliffs with a fascinating history.

Other great souvenir deals along this route, most shared on social media around the world, include Teddy's Lookout, Gibson Steps and London Bridge. In fact, the weather is always fine, and you're lucky enough to camp or stay overnight in some of the most exciting sights in the southern hemisphere. There, the great depth of the ocean's blue and the exuberant and colorful green of the region's vegetation guarantee a good impression.

Highway 1, California

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A trip down Highway 1 inCalifornia, is perhaps one of the best known to take intoUSA, and in the world made famous by the isolated and mystical stretch of Big Sur. Hugging the Pacific Ocean for some 120 miles on one side and engulfed by barren gray and brown mountains on the other, this strait offers postcard-worthy scenery at every turn. Stretching between Monterey and Morro Bay, in a spectacular embrace of California's Central Coast above the waves below, it's a 5-hour year-round trip with amazing stops including Carmel, Monterey, Santa Cruz and Malibu, among others.

It starts south of Los Angeles and runs almost the entire length of the picturesque California coastline, ending in northern Mendocino County. While the Monterey area is known for its stunning scenery, don't hold your breath too long as another highlight awaits just south of Carmel-by-the-Sea, an oceanfront paradise. But then comes Big Sur's rugged coastline with dramatic cliffs, towering redwoods and the famous archway, the Bixby Creek Bridge.

Icefields Parkway, Alberta, Canada

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On a 232km journey through the heart of the Rocky Mountains, with incredible views at every turn of the wheel, travelers will feel the need to revisit the journey and discover something new each time, including glacial waterfalls to linger. in . Commonly known as the most beautiful province in Canada in terms of the natural environments it offers to viewers,Albertaincludes the acclaimed Icefields Parkway that connectsLago Louisea jasper.

National treasures are found during these by far the most scenic walks in the worldYou have, even with some of the most carefully designed destinations that will be the envy of all. From the vast and well-tended natural landscapes that are part of the national heritage, to the cozy villages, the countless number of peaks, crystal clear lakes, ancient glaciers, forest regions, vast valleys and the wildlife that lives there, follow you. the way. The area is also a treasure trove for history buffs, including native sites and archaeological stations.

Karakorum Highway, Pakistan/China

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This is one of the highest paved roads in the world, stretching over 800 miles. It starts north of Islamabad and follows the ancient Silk Road, an ancient trade route. It goes around India and ends in the Chinese region of Xinjiang, in the city of Kashgar. The elevation at the highest point on the route approaches 4,700 meters above sea level, offering some of the most breathtaking views in the world on both the ascents and descents. To top it off, the most impressive mountain ranges of the Himalayas, as well as the Hindu Kush, are also on the way.

No wonder it took twenty years to build the Karakorum Highway, given its coverage of some of the roughest terrain, including a glacial landscape, and due to the steepness. However, as the views are those of the glaciers within theMontanhas Karakoramjust before enteringporcelainEven the workers must have enjoyed the view, for the vastness of vistas open to tourists today is well worth the arduous journey.

Route 1, Island

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Route 1 completes the circle around this small island nation without touching the northernmost parts, which are the coldest and mostly uninhabited, covering a total of 800 miles. The Autobahn is also known around the world as the Ring Road. Outside ofGreenlandIt is the only land above Iceland, not counting the northern parts of Canada, and in even colder conditions this Icelandic route was as well designed as it could have been under current conditions. That said, the scenery seen along this trail is, in some ways, the most dramatic in the world.

The route starts in the country's capital, Reykjavik, and heads east for a trip not to be missed. Traveling across the country, you'll experience otherworldly landscapes, including the famous fjord, breathtakingly craggy mountain peaks, as well as icy seas dotted with small fishing villages on the shores and wild reindeer foraging on the forest edges. Unique sights such as Seljalandsfoss waterfall, hot springs and Lake Mývatn and Jökulsárlón glacial lagoon don't even require a detour from the highway.

Route 40, Argentina

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One of the longest stretches of highway in the world, Route 40 stretches over 4,800 km, or 195 miles to be precise, as it winds along theOtherand sometimes it dives into its own reach. The views along the road that connects 20 of the country's national parks are among the most extraordinary in the world, especially when you drive through the remote plains ofPatagonia. As you approach southern Patagonia, near El Chaltén, you can enjoy unforgettable views of Mount Fitz Roy and Cerro Torres.

The route crosses almost the entire country with the southernmost point Cabo Vírgenes and continues north to the Andes Mountains to the west. The naturally beautiful secluded crystalline lakes contrast with the bustling city centres, which are also distinct from the humble roadside villages. At the end, the Abra del Acay, the highest point in the region at approximately 4,952 meters above sea level, leads to the end point of the journey in the town of La Quiaca, which presents a diversity of landscapes ranging from wetlands to large glaciers .

Transfagarasan Highway, Romania

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At just over 150 km, the Transfargarasan Highway is a veritable treasure trove ofRomaniafor all adventurers and fans of legends. This strip of asphalt, dotted with viewpoints, is also known as one of the best roads in the world when driven out of necessity, with the added bonus of offering spectacular mountain views. The Transfagarasan traverses the exciting part of the Transylvanian Alps of Romania that is "Dracula's territory" and winds south from Cartisoara to Curtea de Arges, where the serpentine from Transylvania to Muntenia begins.

Despite the hilly road with numerous twists and turns, there is no shortage of enthusiastic drivers, known as the most popular route in this part of the continent. As the history and mystery of the country unfolds before your eyes, there are many spooky and dark tunnels along the route, the longest of which is 800 meters or 2,600 feet. One can stop at any time, particularly lively during the 70-mile mountain valley road that traverses the most picturesque places in the Transylvanian Alps. Near the end, the road climbs 2,034 meters (6,673 feet) to Moldoveanu peak, the highest in Romania.

It's important to start a trip with an open mind and take in these incredible views to make the most of the relaxation, adrenaline and self-reflection that work their magic on body and mind. When you take and complete one of these scenic drives, the sense of achievement is incomparable with the memories created and the change in attitude, although it is impossible to simply share the full experience in words as it can only be felt.

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