Moving to Singapore (until 2022) | 11 things you should know (2023)

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A simple guide to moving to Singapore

Moving to Singapore is a big decision, but the experience can be unforgettable.

If you're lucky, you'll get the opportunity offered by your current employer.

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This means benefits such as financial and logistical support.

Try to get a job before moving to Singapore. The government imposes strict rules on the ratio of locals to expats, and if a local can do the job, the local will secure the job.

Singapore is home to thousands of expatriates from all over the world. It is a clean and safe place to live and explore.

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Moving to Singapore – language

there are four officersLanguages ​​in SingaporeEnglish, Mandarin, Malay and Tamil.

This underlines the fact that Singapore is a true melting pot of cultures.

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However, English is the main language spoken in schools and businesses.

Malay is the national language associated with its indigenous heritage, the national anthem is sung in Malay.

Most Singaporeans are bilingual as they are taught in English, but learning their native language is a must.

learn more aboutMandarin in Singapore.

Moving to Singapore – climate

Singapore is close to the equator, so it is hot and humid all year long.

When it rains (which often happens) it is torrential.

If you're fighting in a tropical climate, you might want to explore a different location.

However, it can be adjusted over time, but it is imperative to stay hydrated, wear sunscreen, and exercise at the beginning or end of the day.

Moving to Singapore - employment

All Singaporean workers must obtain an employment pass fromMinistry of Labor(Mumble).

This is arranged by your employer. Your photo and fingerprint will be included on the card.

Initial employment passes are valid for two years, but extensions can easily be requested if you want to spend more time at Little Red Dot.

dependent passport

If your partner and/or your children participate in the adventure, they will each receive a dependent pass linked to their work permits.

Again with a shot to the head and your fingerprint.

If your partner finds work in Singapore, the employer can request a Letter of Consent (LoC) granting the work permit.

This remains linked to the original employment pass.

Moving to Singapore – Taxes

One of the main advantages of working in Singapore is the relatively low income tax rates. However, income tax is not automatically deducted from your monthly salary.

You must be willing to pay yoursincome taxinvoice at the end of the year.

If necessary, you can request a payment plan at this time. When you are ready to return your passport home, you must pay all taxes or your departure will be delayed.

Singapore also applies a Goods and Services Tax (GST) (7%) on most consumer goods and services.

In cafes and restaurants you can note ++ in menu prices. This indicates that you must add a service charge (up to 10%) and a government fee (7%) to the base price.

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Moving to Singapore – Accommodation

It is best to stay in a serviced apartment while you search for your more permanent home.

Most expats live in condominiums that offer swimming pools, gyms, and tennis courts.

Although Singapore is considered a safe place, the condos are staffed with security guards who search visitors and generally keep an eye on the comings and goings of the property.

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Plots are also available for those lucky enough to be part of an expat pack.

Homeowners can charge tens of thousands of dollars a month for a single-family home.

Townhomes are another option if you prefer a small front and/or back yard.

The cheapest accommodation option is HDB (Housing and Development Board) apartments, which are usually high-rise buildings but lack proper facilities.

Most landlords require you to sign a two-year lease. Most leases have a diplomatic clause that allows you to cancel the lease in the second year if your employment ends and you need to leave Singapore.

If you are single and looking for a cheaper and more flexible option, you can rent a room.

Consult our COMPLETE guiderent in singapore.

Moving to Singapore: Domestic help

Many expat families choose to hire a domestic helper or maid (officially known as a foreign domestic worker).

The helpers support the running of the house and normally work six days a week.

To hire a helper, you must complete an online course set by the MoM to ensure you meet the requirements and understand your responsibilities.

You can hire a helper directly or use the services of a cleaning company. The MoM requires a one-time security deposit ($5,000), just like insurance.

In addition, domestic workers are required to undergo a medical examination every six months.

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Moving to Singapore – Health

One thing you should know when moving to Singapore is that the healthcare is exceptional and recognized around the world.

There are a variety of hospitals and medical clinics equipped with the latest technology. There is also a university hospital that offers exceptional care.

Be careful, you must have health insurance as these services are expensive.

Moving to Singapore - Public Transport

Public transport in Singapore is cheap, clean and efficient. MRI(mass express traffic)The trains are driverless and extremely punctual.

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Trains run every two minutes during peak hours and approximately every six minutes during off-peak hours.

Buses run a little less frequently, but are still an efficient means of transportation.

The best way to pay for your trip is with an EZ-Link card, which you can buy and reload at train stations.

Just swipe to turn on and off, costs are calculated based on distance traveled.

Taxi / Grab / Gojek

taxi in singaporethey are relatively cheap compared to other countries.

All taxis are metered, but please note that tolls will be added if your route includes these costs.

Moving to Singapore (until 2022) | 11 things you should know (9)

Double yellow curbside lines indicate that vehicles may not stop to pick up or pick up passengers.

Look for taxi ranks or an easy position to board.

Only when it's raining, Friday or Saturday night or a late afternoon shift change, can it be difficult to book or hail a taxi.

Taxis can be conveniently booked through apps.

Carrymigojekboth are based in Singapore; These drivers can also be booked through their apps at a fixed price.

singapore cars

Moving to Singapore (until 2022) | 11 things you should know (10)

Owning a car is expensive in Singapore!

To buy a car you need aproperty title(CoE) and its price varies according to the requirements and the size of the vehicle and is valid for 10 years.

It was introduced with the aim of limiting the number of cars on the roads.

CoE alone can cost tens of thousands of dollars, making the total price of a car very high.

Another option is to rent a second handCar (the CoE is connected to the car).

Please note that parking is paid for in most places in Singapore.

All vehicles are equipped withcash card mechanismwhich is read as you enter the multi-storey car park and discounted as you exit.

This card is also activated for highway tolls. Street parking can be paid for via an app (coupons used but replaced).

You can drive with your existing driver's license in Singapore during your first year, so you must pass a theory driving test to get a Singapore driver's license.

Moving to Singapore – Social Clubs

There are a variety of social clubs popular with expats.

Examples include The American Club, The British Club, The Swiss Club, The Hollande Club, Raffles Town Club, Cricket Club and Polo Club.

Social clubs charge high membership fees, but provide a great platform to meet people and make new friends.

The clubs not only offer a great social atmosphere, food and drink, but also a variety of social and competitive sports such as tennis, hockey and rugby.

Some clubs also offer accommodation if you can't accommodate all your visitors in your own home!

Most social clubs offer member tours, so visit as many as you can to find one that suits your preferences.

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If private clubs aren't your budget, there are some fantastic associations you can join.

Membership dues are lower because there are no clubs to maintain.

oAmerican Association of Women(AWA) is a non-profit organization that organizes social, sports and charitable groups.

oAustralia and New Zealand Association(ANZA) supports social events, careers, volunteering and charities.

Learn more about what yourSocial Life in SingaporeWould be like.

What are you waiting for?

Thousands of expatriates have made Singapore their home due to the high quality of life, lower income tax, and geographical location.

Living in Singapore gives you the chance to meet people from a variety of cultures and try all kinds of different cuisines.

Many expats are also happy to visit nearby countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam.

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How to move to Singapore?

Some key factors in moving to Singapore would be to secure a job (with a work ID). Decide on the transport, sale or storage of your belongings. Look up schools in Singapore if you have children.
Read our full article to learn more.

i have to move to singapore

Oh good!

If you are looking for an adventure, a good salary and a lifestyle. Singapore is the perfect solution! Singapore offers amazing opportunities for work, travel, friendship and much more.

Why move to Singapore

No matter where you're from, you'll find Singapore to be a wonderful place to call home. There are many comforts of home while showcasing many wonders of Singaporean culture.

How to move to Singapore without a job

That's going to be hard!

You cannot rent an apartment without a work permit. If you have a work card partner, you can become a "dependent."

Do I need to learn another language to move to Singapore?

Short answer, NO, long answer, it wouldn't hurt!

All young Singaporeans are bilingual in English and theirdecent language(Chinese, Malay, Tamil). There are some older Singaporeans who can only speak one of these languages ​​decently.

As a Mandarin language school, we encourage you to study some of these languages ​​while in Singapore. You will be able to connect better with the locals.

Do you want more than LTL?

If you are interested in learning more about LTL Mandarin School, why not join our mailing list? We provide a lot of useful information.TeachChino,Useful apps for language learningand all that is happening at our LTL schools! Sign up below and join our growing community!

Moving to Singapore (until 2022) | 11 things you should know (15)

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