Minecraft 1.19 Ore Distribution (Graphic): Best levels for each ore (2023)

In game update 1.18, there was a major overhaul to how ores were generated in your Minecraft world. The same remained constant for version 1.19 of the game.

Gone are the days when you could find and stack a ton of diamonds just by splitting level 12 mining Y.

Recent updates introduced the possibility of negative Y levels in the overworld and thus changed the ore generation mechanic significantly.

While the 1.18 update completely overhauled the Ore distribution, there were also some minor changes in the 1.19 versions with the addition of the new Deep Dark biome.

These changes are particularly noticeable in diamonds, and have become very noticeable as the resource has become increasingly scarce.

Below is a detailed guide to the ore distribution system in version 1.19 of the game, along with the ore details.

Minecraft 1.19 mineral distribution

Minecraft 1.19 Ore Distribution (Graphic): Best levels for each ore (1)

Minecraft 1.19 lays out ores in a triangular geometry. Associated with each mineral is a distribution level, which represents a range of levels between a minimum and maximum number.

The chance of mineral drops increases/decreases as you move between this range of numbers.

The best area to find a mineral is the midpoint between this minimum and maximum distribution.

For better understanding, the minimum value in this area is the first level of the overworld in which the resource can spawn.

On the other hand, the maximum value is the last level where this mineral can be found.

Beyond those two levels you will never find the function.

Also, both ends are least likely to contain this mineral.

However, as you move between these two levels, the chances of this mineral appearing increase.

This possibility increases when you reach the midpoint between these two extremes.

For example, if a resource is assigned a distribution range of 10 to 30, this means that the midpoint, 20, is the most likely grade to contain that mineral.

Now that you have a better understanding of how the distribution system works, let's get into the details.

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coal distribution

Minecraft 1.19 Ore Distribution (Graphic): Best levels for each ore (2)
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Coal is most abundant at Y level 96 in Minecraft 1.19. This ore has the longest dispersal range in the entire game.

Coal can spawn anywhere between Y 256 and 0 levels.

The level 80-100 range has the highest chance of containing this mineral, with level 92 being the ideal location. Split mining is an efficient option here.

In fact, coal has two possible distributions, as shown in the graph. He first appears on top of the mountains, starting at Y level 256 and ending at Y 136.

This distribution does not follow the triangular pattern and instead has a constant generation rate.

Therefore, your chances of finding coal between these levels relative to the first distribution interval remain the same.

However, in the second distribution option, the coal follows the same triangular pattern as the other minerals.

It starts spawning at Y level 192 and drops to Y level 0.

In this area, Coal is most commonly found at Y levels 96 and 95.

Alternatively, you can also try mining at the Y 136 level, where both distribution values ​​overlap, giving you a good chance of finding this ore.

redstone distribution

Minecraft 1.19 Ore Distribution (Graphic): Best levels for each ore (3)

In Minecraft 1.19, Y Level -59 is the best area to search for Redstone.

Redstone can be found between Y levels 15 to -64, with the chances of spawning increasing as you go deeper underground.

To efficiently mine Redstone and avoid Bedrocks, Y-Level -59 is an ideal choice.

Similar to coal, Redstone has 2 distribution systems.

First, Redstone starts spawning at Y level 15 and goes down to level -63. In this zone it has the same probability of spawning at all levels.

In the second scenario, Redstone spawns in a triangle from Y level -32 to -63. The spawn chance is constantly increasing as you progress.

This means that Y level -63, which is the last possible level, technically has the highest chance of spawning Redstone.

However, this is still not the best level to search for this mineral, as it is completely filled with bedrock.

Bedrock is unbreakable, making your mining expedition very inefficient.

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For this reason, to avoid Bedrocks and still have a good chance of getting Redstone, you should mine at Y-Level -59.

distribution of iron

Minecraft 1.19 Ore Distribution (Graphic): Best levels for each ore (4)

Iron is most commonly found at Y level 15 in Minecraft 1.19. It appears in three different capacities, each containing iron ore at different levels.

The Y 232 level also has a high chance of containing iron, but due to its high value, this only occurs on large mountains and mountain peaks.

As the graph shows, iron is distributed into three different systems. It is distributed evenly from Y level 64 to -63.

In the second case, it follows the triangular distribution starting at the Y level 54 and ending at -24.

Here 15 is the level most likely to generate and also the most efficient for finding iron among the three distributions.

In the latest distribution, iron is contained in levels Y 80 to 319. This also follows the geometry of the triangle, with stage Y 232 being the ideal place to find this mineral.

However, this level is exceptionally high. That means you'll only find iron here if you find pinnacles and giant mountain peaks.

These are not the ones you encounter most often and for this reason Y Tier 15 is the best tier to farm iron ore efficiently.

Also, large iron veins occur anywhere below Y 0; they can also be an excellent source to find this mineral.

lapis lazuli

Minecraft 1.19 Ore Distribution (Graphic): Best levels for each ore (5)

The best place to find Lapis Lazuli in Minecraft 1.19 is Tier Y -1. Lapis lazuli occurs in a uniform triangular shape.

Both overlap to the same extent. With this in mind, the highest spawn chance occurs at the Y-1 level.

Like charcoal and redstone, lapis lazuli is created in two streams: triangular and regular.

It is evenly distributed in the Y planes 64 to -64. On the other hand, it follows the triangle pattern from level 32 to -32.

Both distributions overlap, which is very convenient.

Basically, this means that the chances of both systems producing lapis lazuli are combined when you mine for that mineral in your level ranges.

With the even system, you don't have to look at a specific level because all the odds are equal.

In the second system, the vertex of the triangle is at the Y-1 level.

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This means that the Y-1 tier has the highest chance of the triangle system, combined with the chance for the pair system within it to produce lapis lazuli, making it your target area for finding that mineral.

copper distribution

Minecraft 1.19 Ore Distribution (Graphic): Best levels for each ore (6)

The ideal place to find copper ore in Minecraft 1.19 is level Y 48. Copper ore has a significantly higher spawn rate in stalactite caves.

Therefore, the stalactite caves found at level Y 48 have the highest probability of containing copper ore.

It can also be found in copper veins that were generated below the 0 Y Plane.

Unlike the minerals mentioned above, copper only has one system by which it is created.

It starts spawning at Y level 112 and last spawns at level -16. It also follows the probability triangle shape, reaching level 48.

This makes Y level 48 the best place to search for Copper Ore.

Like iron, a large amount of copper can be found in veins that produce less than Y 0 . They are usually large and contain tons of this resource!

Finally, for some reason, copper ore is very common in stalactite caves. These caves greatly increase the production rate of this mineral.

Combining all of this, finding Dropstone Caverns at Y 48 is the most efficient method of farming copper ore.

(Although these caves are rare to find, finding one shouldn't be your top priority.)

distribution of gold

Minecraft 1.19 Ore Distribution (Graphic): Best levels for each ore (7)

Gold is generated in 3 different batches spread over multiple levels. In general, gold is most efficiently found at the -16 Y level under normal conditions.

It is even more abundant at Y levels 256 to 32; However, this is only limited to the Badlands biome.

Similar to iron, there are three distribution systems associated with gold ore. Two of them are evenly spaced while one is a triangular pattern.

In the case of the triangle pattern, gold resides between the Y levels 32 to -64.

The midpoint here is -16. Therefore, this level has the highest chance of generating gold ore.

However, gold has another generation condition in this area, and that is that it only appears in areas with low exposure to air.

That means it will only be found in limited areas and it will be rare to see it in giant caverns.

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In even systems, the first gold distributes Y levels from -48 to -64.

It has a moderate chance to drop gold ore and should be the lowest priority among the three distributions.

The second set of pairs has the highest probability of containing gold ore. Spawn the resource between Y levels 256 to 32.

The only problem here is that this only applies to the Badlands biome and does not spawn on any other terrain.

Without this condition, this system would have been the best for gold prospecting.

In general, the Y-16 level is the most reliable source of gold ore, although the second uniform distribution is much more likely to contain the resource.

diamond distribution

Minecraft 1.19 Ore Distribution (Graphic): Best levels for each ore (8)

The best area to mine diamonds in Minecraft 1.19 is level Y -59. Diamond is one of the rarest resources in the game and it spawns exclusively in one distribution.

So there are no other level ranges other than -14 to -63 for diamond mining. The highest spawn probability in the area is observed at level Y-59.

Diamonds tend to follow the triangular distribution pattern. They are first encountered at level Y -14 and are last seen at level Y -63.

As with Redstone, Diamond Ore's spawn chance increases the deeper you go underground.

Technically, the best chance of finding this ore is in the lowest level. However, the same logic applies here as with Redstone. (Existing rocks make it difficult to disassemble)

In this zone, the best possible level to find diamonds is -59.

Still, diamonds are extremely rare, and if you don't follow thatcorrect strategiesYou may never find them!

Emerald Distribution

Minecraft 1.19 Ore Distribution (Graphic): Best levels for each ore (9)

The ideal place to mine emeralds in Minecraft 1.19 is level Y 236. Emerald is the rarest natural resource in the game.

It spawns between Y 320 and -16 levels and has the highest chance to drop at Y 236 level.

Due to these special circumstances, emeralds can be very difficult to find. They only have a real chance to spawn in big mountains.

Note that this only applies to naturally generated ones. You can find quite a few of them in other ways, e.g. B. trading with villagers.

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Distribution information for all minerals.

The following table provides a breakdown of the distribution information for all ores in version 1.19 of Minecraft.

mineralgeneration rangeideal level
MoneyAnd 256 to 136 / 192 to 0J 96
root stoneY 15 to -63 / -32 to -63Y-59
FerroAnd 54 to -24 / 64 to -63 / 80 to 319And the 15th
lapis lazuliY 64 to -64 / 32 to -32Y-1
copperand 112 to -16J 48
OroY 32 to -64 / -48 to -64 / 256 to 32A-16
Diamanteand 14 to -63Y-59
EsmeraldaY 320 to -16J 236

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