How to Remove Rust from a Blackstone Iron (Easy Guide) - 2023 (2023)

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The changing of the seasons to warm sunshine means it's time for the Blackstone Griddle!

Get it out of the shed and unpack the tarp and you're set to enjoyqualificationworks its magic.

Instead, the canvas comes off and to your dismay you notice a layer of brown rust, but thankfully that might just be a temporary setback.

So let's talk how to get rid of rust on the Blackstone griddle!

to clean rustblack stone grid, turn on high heat for 20 minutes.

How do I clean a Blackstone hob?

How do I clean a Blackstone hob?

Then turn it off and repeatedly scrape the surface with a scraper.

Pour cooking oil over the surface and wipe with a paper towel until all rust is removed.

The grill plate must be reseasoned.

Blackstone griddles contain iron, which is why they cook so well. Unfortunately, iron rusts.

We will show you how to remove light and heavy rust from a Blackstone. With these easy-to-follow steps, you'll be grilling on a clean surface again in no time.

How to remove rust from a Blackstone tile

Blackstone griddle plates are manufactured from high iron content cold rolled steel.

Ferrous steels are constantly trying to return to their natural state, which unfortunately means a rusty surface.

To do this, the steel must be exposed to oxygen and water.

Removing oxygen or water from the surface of the steel prevents rusting.

We cannot remove oxygen, but it is possible to limit the amount of water or moisture by sealing the surface and effectively preventing moisture from entering the steel surface.

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How to lighten surface rust on your Black Stone blade

In most cases, the rust that forms on the blade surface is not a serious problem and can be easily restored.

Follow the steps below to keep your iron working properly.

(Video) The Easy Guide On Seasoning and Restoring Cast Iron

What will you need?

  • a nylon sponge
  • paper towel
  • cooking oil
  • Stainless steel scraper
  • Sturdy tweezers (to use instead of gloves)
  • Heat resistant gloves

Most of the above items are available in excellentblack stone 5060Cleaning set for grills and plates.

Follow these ten steps to remove light rust from your Blackstone tile.

  1. Begin rust removal by heating the uncleaned griddle with the burners on full blast for 20 minutes.

    High heat will help loosen rust from the surface.

  1. Turn off the burners and allow the plate to cool to a safe temperature.
  1. Wearing gloves, take a few sheets of paper towels and scrub the metal surface well.

    Loose flakes of rust will become visible on the paper towel when the surface is rubbed.

    Replace towel if very dirty or torn. This step takes some effort, but it's worth doing thoroughly.

  1. Don't forget to rub the vertical sides of the flat board, including the outside surface.

    When the surface rust is removed, the strength of the paper towel decreases.

  1. After the loose rust powder is removed, inspect the surface for specific problem areas.
  1. For more stubborn stains, use the nylon mop and even a scraper as a last resort to remove rust.
  1. Once the surface is clean, use more paper towels to remove any remaining rust.
  1. Then heat the griddle with the burners on high for 5 minutes.

    Turn off the burners and, while still hot, pour about three tablespoons of cooking oil onto the surface of the flat plate.

  1. Using more paper towels, spread the oil over the entire surface while scrubbing the panel well. Scrub the entire surface, replacing the paper towel as needed.

    The paper towel should turn red as more rust particles are lifted from the surface by the action of the oil and scrubbing.

  1. heat them uphob and repeat step 8 until the hob looks cleanand the kitchen paper no longer accepts red rust.

    Leave a thin layer of oil on the metal surface to protect it.

    At this stage the hob is rust free and needs to be seasoned to protect the steel from rusting again.

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How to remove limescale rust from a Blackstone slab

Heavy rusting of steel is mainly influenced by where you live.

Hot, dry climates are more iron-friendly than humid or coastal areas.

Moisture from the sea is particularly damaging to steel due to its high salinity.

Salt greatly accelerates the rusting process, so special care is needed to preserve raw steel surfaces in these places.

Heavy rust takes time to form, so if you used your tin last year it would probably be fine.

However, if you don't use your iron in poor storage conditions for a few years, it may cause more permanent damage to the iron's finish.

What will you need?

  • paper towel
  • cooking oil
  • Stainless steel scraper
  • grill cleaningbrick(Pomegranate apple)
  • Sturdy tweezers (to use instead of gloves)
  • Heat resistant gloves
  • 150 grit water paper and sanding block

Now that we have all the items needed, follow these steps to clean your badly rusted Blackstone sheet:

  1. The first step is to determine how rusty the sheet metal is.

    Remove loose, flaky crusts by heating on the highest setting of the plate for 20 minutes. Turn off burner and allow surface to cool.

  1. Put on gloves and use the stainless steel scraper to scrape the entire surface dry.

    Do not rub too hard with the scraper as this will damage the surface of the grill plate. Remove any loose parts from the surface with a paper towel.

  1. Next, inspect the cooktop for stubborn rust flakes or flakes that need further attention.
  1. Heavily rusted flat boards require more grinding or polishing to remove a very thin layer of surface steel.

    If an area is scarred with rust, the area will need to be sanded with water paper.

    This process smooths out the scarred cooktop and helps turn it back into an easy-to-clean and maintain material.

  1. After scraping or dry grinding, spray some cooking oil on the griddle and use the cleaning stone to remove any remaining rust.
  1. If stubborn rust is still visible, apply more oil to the top of the sheet and rub again with the cleaning stone or sandpaper.
  1. If you must use water on the sandpaper, light the burners to thoroughly dry the steel after cleaning.

    Five minutes on high heat should be enough to evaporate any moisture from the surface.

  1. Turn off the heat and grab some oil and paper towels.

    Spread 3-4 tablespoons of cooking oil on the grill surface while the dish is still hot. Rub it with a paper towel to distribute the oil evenly.

    (Video) How to take the rust off of a flat griddle or blackstone

    Hold the paper with your gloves or alternatively use the tongs to hold the paper towel.

  1. Replace the paper towel when it becomes dirty or undone.

    Finish this step by rubbing a thin layer of oil over itgrilledcooking surface so that it does not rust again.

    Scrubbing further cleans the surface of the griddle.

  1. After the grate has been removed from the cooking surface, the steel must be re-tempered to protect the cooking surface.
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How to season your Blackstone Grill

Seasoning the cooking surface of your Blackstone griddles is important to ensure the griddle forms a non-stick surface andstainless surfaceCook.

Seasoning involves coating the cooking surface with a polymer coating created by heating fat or oil on the steel surface.

A warm surface becomes hydrophobic, meaning the surface attracts fats and oils but repels water.

This prevents the oxidized iron on the steel surface from coming into contact with water.

The griddle effectively reconditions when preparing greasy or oily food and absorbs oils and fats.

Four steps to seasoning a Blackstone grill

Curing is an important process that will keep your Blackstone in top condition even after it has been stored for a long time.

Is required:

  • A squeeze plastic bottle
  • Blackstone Griddle Seasoning and Conditioner oder Aceite de Cocina vegetal
  • paper towel
  • tweezers
  • Agua
  • Heat resistant gloves

After the slab has been deoxidized, the same hardening process is applied as for a new slab.

  1. Light the burner and heat over high heat. Allow the iron to heat up for five minutes and then turn it off. While it's still hot, pour some water evenly over the surface.

    A squeeze bottle is good for applying water and oil in a controlled manner.

    Wipe the surface of the grill plate with a paper towel to remove loose dust or dirt.

  1. Relight the burners and set them to medium high. Allow the iron to heat up for about 20 minutes.

    The gray hob should start to turn brown or even blue-grey over the burners as it gets very hot.

  1. The next step is to apply the seasoning or cooking oil to the cooking surface.
  • Keep the burners on medium heat
  • then useof black stoneCast Iron Seasoning and Conditioner Scoop about a tablespoon out of the bottle.
  • Pour some seasoning into the mold and spread evenly over the cooking surface as it melts. Use a paper towel held in the tongs to spread the spices.
  • If seasoning with cooking oil, sprinkle about a tablespoon on the cooking surface and follow the same seasoning process to spread the seasoning evenly over the cooking surface.
  • Allow the spice or oil to burn off. You'll know it's done as soon as the smoke stops.
    Repeat the baking a few times to ensure the surface is fully sealed.
  1. Don't forget to temper the vertical sides of the griddle as this makes cleaning the griddle much easier and prevents rusting on the untempered areas.

See this useful Blackstone Griddle link on YouTube that showsHow to season your grill plate

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How to clean and protect your Blackstone hob

Cleaning a well-tempered Blackstone iron is very easy. Never use detergent to wash the griddle as it will spoil the seasoning.

What will you need?

  • bottle of water
  • A squeeze bottle of cooking oil
  • a scraper
  • towel roll
  • Heat resistant gloves

The secret to cleaning your griddle is to do it while it's still hot and right after you've finished cooking.

Let's look at two scenarios where all the food falls down. There are foods without sugar and those that are marinated or cooked in sauces.

How to clean cloudy food from a griddle

Cook simple foods like pancakes, toasted cheese, veggies, sausage and moresausagesetc. leaves the grill practically clean after grilling, save for some grease or grease.

To clean the griddle, simply scrape any remaining fat or food residue from the drip tray.

Wear protective gloves and wipe the surface with a paper towel until clean.

(Video) Recovering your Blackstone Griddle Top

Then spray some cooking oil on the grill and spread a thin layer over the entire grill surface to protect the grill plate from moisture.

Turn off the burners and you're ready for next time.

How to clean dirty food off a griddle

Cooking foods that are covered in sauce, especially those that contain sugar, can leave your gills looking messy after cooking.

The sugars in the sauces will crystallize and burn on the griddle as the food cooks.

Salty foods like ribs, stir-fries, marinated meats, etc. These are the types of foods that tend to leave a mess on the griddle after cooking.

Do not worry; The grill plate is also easy to clean.

  1. Scrape out any leftover food, grease and charred marinades and loose sauces from the roasting pan.
  1. Then, using only water in a squirt bottle, drizzle water over the charred marinade and sauces while using the scraper to scrape any charred remains off the griddle.

    The heat will bring the water to a boil, releasing steam that will help melt the remaining sugar.

  1. Using your gloves, wipe the entire cooking surface with a paper towel and reapply water to any missed spots while using the scraper to remove any stubborn bits.
  1. When the griddle is clean, lightly oil the surface and spread thinly over the hob and sides.

    This layer of cooking oil seals the steel plate from the elements and prevents rusting.

There are many opinions as to which cooking oil is best for the final sear on your griddle.

When in doubt, use the trusted Blackstone griddle and Cast Iron Seasoning.

Below is a YouTube link that will appearHow to clean your black stone slab.

How to prevent an iron from rusting during storage

Dishes spend far more time sitting idle and being stored than when cooking. As such, the possibility of rust forming on the sheet metal is almost always a concern.

We'll show you how to reduce the risk of rust stains on your sheet during storage.

Rust is known to form on a metal surface through direct contact with oxygen and water.

Therefore, to prevent rust from settling, you need to protect the surface of the sheet from getting wet.

What you need:

  • Cooking Vegetable Oil or Blackstone Griddle and Cast Iron Seasoning
  • paper towels
  • Stainless steel scraper
  • Cover made of high-strength sheet metal
  • A cool, dry camp site
  • Heat resistant gloves
  1. When you're done cooking, leave the burners on and clean the griddle of food residue, grease and oil by simply scraping it from the surface towards the oil pan.
  1. Wipe the grill plate with a paper towel while wearing protective gloves to avoid burns.
  1. Once the griddle is clean, apply a generous coat of cooking oil and spread the oil over the entire pan.

    Make sure the entire cooking surface is covered inside and out, including the vertical sides, then turn off the Blackstone and allow it to cool.

  1. Drain and wash the oil catch tank.
  1. Then put the grill away before night dew forms on the surface.

    Make sure the propane tank faucet is off and cover the grill plate with a heavy-duty cloth.Plancha Cape Blackstone.

It is a good idea to check the sheet at least once a month during storage to ensure no rust has formed.

Blackstone planks can be stored outside if required.

However, regular inspection is required to ensure that moisture is not accumulating under the canvas deck due to evaporation or condensation from the moist soil below.

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(Video) How To Remove Rust From A Blackstone Griddle #blackstone #griddle

Thorough cleaning of your Blackstone grill

After years of use, some people want to scrape the old condiment off the griddle and start over with a fresh coat of paint.

A thorough cleaning is necessary when the spices on your griddle are changing color, are chipping off of less-used areas of the griddle, or even if the surface has become unhygienic.

Fresh lemon juice can be used alone or as an alternative to vinegar. A dozen lemons should do the trick.

Both vinegar and lemon juice contain acids that are very effective at removing stubborn grease and oils and are a great alternative to harsh chemicals.

How to perform the deep cleaning process with white vinegar. It's a good idea to invite a friend over to give you a hand as there will be a lot of scraping involved.

What will you need:

  • White Vinegar (or Lemon Juice)
  • The Scraper - A heavy two-handed version with a sharp edge
  • Water in a Squeeze Bottle
  • Grillstein
  • cooking oil
  • paper towels

Eight steps to thoroughly clean your plate

  1. Start by heating the griddle on high.
  1. Spray enough vinegar to saturate the surface of a manageable area of ​​the griddle, then add a little water to the vinegar to thin it out a bit.
  1. The mixture will begin to boil, so add more mixture if the griddle starts to dry out.

    Swirl the vinegar and water mixture over the surface of the griddle for about 5 minutes, then begin scraping to break up the hard crust of spices.

Do not be tempted to scratch the surface with the edge of the scraper as this will leave permanent lines on the iron's surface.

  1. Turn off the burners and let the water and vinegar mixture evaporate.

    The spice on the griddle should now be sticky, allowing the scraper to scrape the spice into thin slices.

  1. The dipping and scraping steps should be repeated as many times as necessary.
  1. After some soaking and scraping, you should start to see bare metal. Continue until the interface is the way you want it.
  1. After removing most of the spices, pour some cooking oil over the surface and use the grill stone to further rub the surface.

    This step smoothes the surface of the sheet metal and removes any loose parts.

  1. Rub the surface with a paper towel and cooking oil. You know the plate is clean when the paper towel stops fading.

The conditioning process can begin as soon as the protective layer of dressing is removed from the iron.

After the griddle has been thoroughly cleaned, it should be baked in as soon as possible to prevent moisture from contaminating the surface.

Is it safe to grill on a rusty griddle?

We can't imagine why anyone would cook on a rusty griddle, but chances are you won't notice a thin coating until you see stains on your food.

The good news is that small traces of rust residue are harmless and can occasionally be swallowed.

If rust flakes are visible spots, it is wise to discard any food that has built up as this can cause internal damage if eaten.

Thoroughly clean the surface of the griddle before use to remove all traces of rust and store well seasoned to prevent future rusting.

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It's pretty easy to get your rusty Blackstone blade working again.

Surface rust can be easily removed by applying heat and cooking oil to the rusty areas and then wiping the rust with paper towels. It just takes a little effort and some time.

(Video) How To Season New Cast Iron Skillet Easy Simple

If rust is severe, the griddle will need to be heated, scraped with the scraper, oiled and then scrubbed with a grill stone to remove all rust.

Clean the grill plate, season again, done.


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