How old is my League of Legends account? (2023)

How old is my League of Legends account? (1)

You might be wondering how old your League of Legends account is. There are several ways to find out. For example, you can log into your Riot Games account and look under the Settings section. If you're not sure, read this article to find out. You will also learn if buying a LoL account is illegal.

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How old is my Riot account?

You might be wondering, "How old is my Riot League of Legends (LoL) account?" Your account age depends on a few factors, but the average age of an LoL account is three to five years. The vast majority of accounts are three years old, but a significant percentage are five years or older.

Your account may be deleted if it is inactive. Riot will delete inactive accounts after three years if they haven't made any purchases or haven't logged in for at least three years. If you don't make purchases or RPs in four years, your account will likely be deleted. Fortunately, there are ways to keep your account active and secure.

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If your account is too old, you will need to create a new account with a new ID. Most Riot Games accounts were created on a platform that has since ceased operations. This makes it easy to transfer your account to a new region if you want. This option is available at the bottom of your account page. You can also change your password or enable two-factor authentication.

Do you have to be 18 years old to create a Riot Games account?

If you are 18 years of age or older, you can create an account for the League of Legends game. The game is an online multiplayer battle arena. You can play it on Windows or Mac OS. The logout process is the same for both systems.

The first step is to create a Riot ID and Riot tagline. This helps other users find you. You can change this information every 30 days. Make sure your information is safe! If you are under 18 years old, you must not create an account.

Creating an account for League of Legends is not difficult. In fact, you can create multiple accounts. But if you are not active, Riot Games will delete your account. This is a precautionary measure to ensure people don't abuse the service.

Is it illegal to buy a league account?

Purchasing a League of Legends account is not a secure option and violates the game's Terms of Service. You are likely to be banned after purchasing an account. Additionally, account sellers may run scams that make false claims about account content. The best way to avoid scammers is to use trusted third-party accounts and websites that sell League of Legends accounts. Otherwise, you risk putting your personal information and money at risk.

Riot Games cautions against buying League of Legends accounts from websites and cautions against trading accounts. Also, if you buy an account from an untrustworthy site, you could end up getting banned. You should only buy an account from a reputable site that offers money-back guarantees and positive reviews.

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Furthermore, it is illegal to share your account with other players. Sharing your account may result in a permanent ban. If you want to play with someone else, create a new account for each of you. This ensures that no one else can use your account.

How do I change my birthday on Riot?

If you are having trouble determining your League of Legends account age, you can easily find out your exact account age by visiting the Riot Games website. In addition, you can also visit your game's client files to see when you made your first purchase. Riot Games also offers an online help center that you can visit for more information.

When you sign up for a Riot Games account, you will receive a welcome email. This email contains your Riot ID and welcomes you to the game. You can also verify your account age via email. The first email has a subject line like "Welcome to League of Legends!". or "Your Riot ID has been created!". If you are wondering how to find out your account age, you can use the date of the first email to calculate your account age. However, if you frequently delete your email messages, you might have trouble finding the first email. In that case, you must use one of the other methods described in this article.

If you wish to change your RIOT account age, please make sure to update your account before January 22, 2020. Otherwise, your account will no longer be valid after this date.

How much is a League of Legends account worth?

The value of a League of Legends account varies greatly. The amount varies according to the number of skins, champions and account earnings. A League of Legends account with many champions and skins can generate thousands of dollars. If you have one of these accounts, it might be worth selling.

You can use an online account valuation tool to find out how much your League of Legends account is worth. These sites give you an estimate of your account value and provide a link so you can share the results with others. You can use this information to decide what to charge in return.


Accounts with higher ratings are more valuable than those with lower ratings. A higher rank means you have better access to top players. Runes and champions are also important factors in account value. The greater the number of champions on an account, the more the account is worth.

When did I first play League of Legends?

If you're curious about your League of Legends account start date, there are a few ways to find out. One option is to visit the League of Legends website and check your history. This will show the dates you logged in, played games, and logged out for the first time.

League of Legends was announced on October 7, 2008, but entered closed beta a month later. Beck and Merrill described the months between the game's announcement and release as a terrifying experience. After playing the game for a few weeks they started to love it. However, prior to release, the game wasn't very good.

League of Legends is a fun game to play with friends. You are more likely to stay in the game if you have friends who can support you. I played League of Legends for the first time with my friends while studying at university. We had a few games on our computers at home and went out with our friends on the weekends.

Is League of Legends good for a 13 year old?

The League of Legends game is a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game that can be played on PC and Mac. As with many other online games, the age limit is not high, but parents should monitor their children's gaming activities to ensure that they do not compromise their safety. Not recommended for young children due to violence and bloody appearance. Also, the game's community can be salty and toxic, and players can offend each other.

If you are concerned about your child's safety, you can always restrict the game to adults. It's better to play with a friend or brother on a computer. Allow up to five players per team. Be sure to set a timer. League of Legends can be slow to play when sharing internet connection.


It's a multiplayer game and the players are usually young adults in their 20s. You must be at least 13 years old to play. This is important because it's an online game and children need to respect other players. The game also contains light fantasy violence, gore-like graphics, and online interactions that may be too mature for younger children. Due to these issues, it is not recommended for children under 14.

Is Valorant good for a 12 year old?

Valorant is a character-based tactical FPS game. It was released by RIOT Games in 2020 and has since become one of the top digital games among teens. While the game's graphics are impressive, there are also several security issues.

Valorant has no explicit violence, but does contain in-app purchases to purchase various cosmetic items. In-game purchases include player cards, weapon skins, and weapon buddies. Some players even use real money to buy in-game contracts. These contracts allow players to unlock different types of weapons, avatars and profile pictures. These contracts can be very tempting for teens, but parents should be aware of the potential dangers.

Valorant is a free-to-play competitive first-person shooter for Windows PC. It features light profanity in game dialogue, as well as an in-game chat feature. It has a PEGI 16 rating, but pay attention to the content. The gameplay of the game is very addictive and the rewards are amazing. Teenagers may find the game addictive and want to play for hours.


How to find out how old your League of Legends account is? ›

The most convenient method of telling “how old your League account is'' is to simply check your emails. Just enter the email account that you have registered to League of Legends. Then, type riot games, riot ID, or welcome to League to the search bar to find the first email that Riot Games sent you.

Why won t League of Legends let me create an account? ›

There are multiple reasons why you couldn't be able to create a new account. 1: You may be suspended for misbehaving, disobeying the rules. 2: Doing disturbing content. 3: Too many warnings.

Can I get my old LOL account back? ›

If your Riot Games or League of Legends account has been stolen and you would like to restore access, the Riot Player Support team can help. We call this process “account recovery.” Sadly, we cannot recover deleted accounts. 30 days after you request your account be deleted, it's gone, baby, gone!

Do old riot accounts get deleted? ›

We're committed to only keeping data around for as long as necessary, and this means removing accounts that both haven't been active in a while and never did much to begin with (e.g., never bought anything, played many games, unlocked much content, etc).

Do inactive LOL accounts get deleted? ›

Riot has decided to remove older accounts due to safety and privacy issues, stating that they use the data from players to improve League of Legends and the game, but if a player hasn't touched the game or not played since making the account, then they want to keep a player's data only for as long as they need.

Do League account names expire? ›

No! Account content (Champions, Skins, RP, etc) can never be lost through inactivity.

Does League delete your account? ›

Account deletion will permanently delete all personal information associated with your account. You'll never be able to access the account again, and once it's gone, there's no bringing it back. Account deactivation will restrict access to your account, but all of your account data will remain untouched.

Can you legally sell your League of Legends account? ›

Account trading is an illegal practice in which everyone loses, both the buyer and the seller. The reason is simple: since it goes against our Terms of Use, and threatens the entire community, the account is eventually suspended.

Are LoL bans permanent? ›

Please keep in mind, even if you did not receive several warnings, it is possible to bypass the Two Week or Permanent suspensions based on the severity of your behavior in the game. Excessive negative behavior can result in a permanent ban at any time without any prior warning or restriction.

How do I find my old Riot username? ›

Recovering Your Username
  1. Click on "Login" at the top right corner of the page.
  2. Click on "Forgot Username?"
  3. Select the region your account is in.
  4. Enter the email address associated to your account. Click the Submit button.
  5. Check your email account for further information about your username.
Mar 15, 2018

Does Riot ban smurf accounts? ›

Players who slip through anti-smurf measures face penalties for their whole team. They can get banned from competing again and their team can lose any Clash rewards gained.

How long does it take for Riot to delete your account? ›

Account Deletion Takes 30 Days

Now your account is in Riot's hands, and the process will take 30 days to complete. You'll be unable to access your account during this time.

Can I have 2 LoL accounts? ›

Luckily, there is no limitation cap on League of Legends accounts. You are able to create and play on as many accounts as your heart desires! In Fact, the vast majority of League of Legends players own multiple accounts, and smurfing is highly prevalent throughout all ranks and tiers.

Can you get banned for account sharing LoL? ›

A lot of people don't know that sharing accounts is wrong, that it violates our Terms of use, that it entails many risks, and that it can even result in a permanent ban.

How do I meet the requirements for a Riot account? ›

You'll need a Riot Games account to access many of our services. To create an account and use the Riot Services, you must: (i) be an adult; (ii) be an emancipated minor; or (iii) have valid parent or legal guardian consent to be bound by these Terms.

Why should you disable inactive accounts? ›

Inactive accounts may appear docile but they can cause fatal damages to an organization, especially when they are not disabled or when they remain without password expiry limits. Outside intruders trying to hack into an organization can use these accounts as their activities will go unnoticed.

How many games do you have to leave to get banned in LoL? ›

Tier 3: 15 minute queue delay for 5 games. Tier 4: 15 minute queue delay for 5 games + 24 hour queue lockout. Tier 5: 15 minute queue delay for 5 games + 3 day queue lockout. Tier 6: 15 minute queue delay for 5 games + 7 day queue lockout.

Has League ever deleted a champion? ›

Aatrox's journey is a tale about a promising but a failed release that got neglected by the developers for way too long. And after he finally got the attention he deserved and became popular, they reworked him into a completely different champion.

How do I check my riot account details? ›

But what, and where, is your Riot Account, you might be asking? Why, at, of course! Simply sign in to check out your account details.

How old for a Riot Games account? ›

Riot Games accounts restrict the game to players 16 years of age or older.

How to check how long you ve been friends with someone on league? ›

Then go to the friends tab and it'll show you your first match played with someone. So if you played with that person on your first day of becoming friends with them, it should be the same date.

Who is the oldest LOL character? ›

The Oldest Champions According to Lore
  • Fiddlesticks: This champion was created by the first spirits and demons of Runeterra making him almost 15000 years old. ...
  • Kindred: Another champion that is a creation of the first spirits and demons. ...
  • Soraka: Yes, we weren't just baiting you in with the Soraka picture.

How do I find my old riot username? ›

Recovering Your Username
  1. Click on "Login" at the top right corner of the page.
  2. Click on "Forgot Username?"
  3. Select the region your account is in.
  4. Enter the email address associated to your account. Click the Submit button.
  5. Check your email account for further information about your username.
Mar 15, 2018

Is your riot ID your username? ›

Riot IDs will be your in-game name (i.e. the one that everyone can see) in games like Legends of Runeterra, Project A, and Wild Rift, as well as future titles coming to Riot Games (and you!) Unlike your Riot Account username, these do show up-in game. Think of a Riot ID as the Summoner Name...of the future!

Can I have 2 riot accounts on one email? ›

As long as you do not share your accounts with anyone or use it to boost other players, it does not breach RIOT's terms of service. To own multiple accounts you will also need to have an email for each. You can't have more than one account associated with an email without workarounds.

Is selling Riot accounts illegal? ›


Account trading is an illegal practice in which everyone loses, both the buyer and the seller. The reason is simple: since it goes against our Terms of Use, and threatens the entire community, the account is eventually suspended.

Can you sell Riot accounts? ›

There is no official way of selling your LoL account. This means that you cannot sell your LoL account in-game. You cannot also sell it through the Riot Games store. To sell your account on an online marketplace, you first need to find a trustable platform.

How to purge League of Legends account? ›

Step 1: Head over to the support section at the top of the screen, and click on 'Submit A Request'. Step 2: In the 'Request Type' box choose account management, data requests or deletion. You might need to scroll down a bit. Step 3: I need help with – I would like to delete my account.

Why do I always get Friendzoned? ›

People end up getting stuck in the friend zone for a number of reasons. Sometimes they simply don't make themselves attractive to others. Sometimes they pick the wrong person, who doesn't match them as a lover. Sometimes they are not bold and do not demand a fair trade where their needs get met upfront.

How do you know if you're friendzoned? ›

Signs You Are In The Friend Zone
  • They Seem Extremely Comfortable Around You.
  • They Tell You About People They Like.
  • They Treat You As A Supportive Shoulder To Lean On.
  • They Never Do What You Want.
  • They Try To Set You Up With Other People.
Jul 20, 2022


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