How do I keep an outdoor grill plate from rusting? 5 powerful tips (2023)

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There's nothing more frustrating -- or embarrassing -- than inviting friends over for burgers on a sunny Saturday afternoon and realizing the griddle is covered in rust. So how do we prevent an outdoor plancha from rusting?

To prevent an outdoor grill from absorbing moisture, apply a light coat of natural oil to the surface. The next step is to cover the entire grill with a heavy-duty tarp to protect it from the elements. Alternatively, you can store an outdoor plancha in the garage or shed to protect it.

How do I keep an outdoor grill plate from rusting? 5 powerful tips (1)

It sounds easy until you realize that not all outdoor grills are made from the same material. Manufacturers often use cast iron in production, but there are other options and therefore other prevention tips to consider.

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How do I prevent an external plancha from rusting?

Rust is not particularly hazardous to health andOppositePopular belief doesn't give you tetanus either. However, I doubt anyone looks forward to eating a burger with rusty spices and due to our dislike of the unique blend of spices, we like to keep our grills rust-free.

Are all the outside boards rusting?

Outdoor grills are available in cast iron, stainless steel, or porcelain-coated steel. Each material reacts differently to corrosion and heat and therefore would not have the same maintenance practices.

To get the best preventative care possible, you should determine what type of steel your grill is made of and follow the prevention tips for that specific material.

cast iron

Although cast iron is prone to rusting, it remains a popular choice for outdoor use due to its durability and heat retention properties. With proper care, cast iron will last a lifetime.

The disadvantage of a cast iron griddle is that it requires much more maintenance. Cast iron is a porous metal; this means that it absorbs moisture, making it susceptible to corrosion.

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Cast iron pans and grills are a musttemperedbefore they are put into use. Seasoning ensures a clean, even cooking surface and also helps prevent rusting. If the cast iron is pre-hardened, you don't have to go through the process again.

How to clean and maintain cast iron

If your cast iron grill is corroded, use a non-metallic brush or scouring pad to remove the surface layer of rust. Wash with warm water and neutral soap but do not submerge, remember cast iron is porous. Make sure the steel is dry before re-tempering the griddle or grid.

If you are storing the grill over the winter, avoid using vegetable oil as a barrier. As the oil dries, it can form a sticky layer, which you should avoid. Barrier sprays are made for this purpose.

If you grill every other weekend in the summer, you can use oil to prevent rusting because the heat will evaporate the oil and leave no sticky residue. Never use hydrocarbons to lubricate your grill; Always use natural oils (vegetable or cooked).

Newspaper or paper towels are great for absorbing moisture. After cleaning and oiling the grill, wrap the grill or platen in newspaper for extra protection.

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Porcelain coated steel

Cast iron is also available with a porcelain coating. Remember that porcelain is a brittle material; That means it can chip or crack. Exposed steel is very likely to develop rust where it chips or cracks unless you protect it from the elements.

Remember that the quality of the porcelain coated steel will determine how long it lasts. Even with a regular maintenance schedule, the cheapest products wear out quickly.

How to clean and care for porcelain coated steel

Porcelain-coated steel is relatively easy to maintain and clean. If you want it to last you have to keep it clean. Avoid using carbide tools on the surface as this can damage the coating.

As with cast iron, avoid submerging the griddle in water; You may not notice any chips or cracks that can lead to rusting under the coating. Wash the surface with warm soapy water and a soft cloth or sponge; Make sure it is dry before storing. It is not necessary to grease the plates or grids.

stainless steel

If you're considering replacing your griddle, stainless steel is an excellent investment. The stainless steel alloy elements increase thermal conductivity and corrosion resistance, ideal properties for any grill (indoor or outdoor).

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The machine surface profile (smooth and non-porous) facilitates the cleaning process. Compared to a porous material like cast iron, stainless steel doesn't absorb meat juices, sauces or drips of fat.

How to clean and care for stainless steel

AClean your stainless steel griddle, wait for it to cool and simply wipe with a cloth and warm soapy water. Avoid abrasive pads like steel wool or wire brushes; You want your stainless steel to stay smooth.

Mild (low alkaline) degreasers can be usedmade of stainless steell, but a thorough soak in warm water and dish soap should soften stubborn residue enough to wipe away with a soft cloth or sponge.

You can put a very thin layer of natural (vegetable) oil on the grill or grill, but be aware that if you leave the oil on the surface for months before using it again, it will dry out and form a sticky layer, which can be a nightmare to clean.

General advice on maintaining a plancha outdoors

  • Establish a maintenance schedule for your outdoor grill; this prevents the formation of rust. Don't wait for corrosion to set in; As with most things, prevention is better than cure.
  • If you live near the sea, regardless of the type of material your grill uses, you should clean your grill regularly (about once a week) to remove salt residue.
  • Weekly cleaning isn't critical if you live in the country; However, this depends on where the iron is stored during the winter months.
  • If the griddle is stored outdoors but under a good quality cover, remember to clean it at least every two weeks.
  • If the grill is stored in a covered garage or shed, simply clean it once a month.


If you have a cast iron griddle, your best defense against rusting is to protect it from the elements as much as possible. that means using at least two of the three methods to prevent rust. If you don't have a shed, be sure to use a barrier layer and mulch.

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Stainless steel or porcelain-coated steel are the best options for a corrosion-resistant exterior.Grad, you don't need to put a layer of oil on it, but you should keep it clean and keep it in your garage or shed. Alternatively, you can fit a heavy-duty cover over your grill.


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