Graduation Cap Ideas for a Cricut (2023)



First, download my SVG/DXF/PDF files of graduation hat ideas from my library of free resources.It's draft number 382🇧🇷 I've included files for three designs: one with shooting stars; one with beautiful layered roses; and another for sports enthusiasts. Each design uses different materials to give you customizable options!

Stars Cap uses LED lights, translucent plastic, permanent adhesive vinyl and card stock. Roses Cap uses glossy cardstock and foil cardstock. And the sports cap uses only permanent adhesive vinyl.

Note on vinyl:When choosing materials for my cap designs, I experimented with iron-on vinyl and permanent adhesive vinyl that applies directly to graduation caps. Iron vinyl was difficult to use because the heat required to apply it slightly warped the structure of the lid. I found that using permanent adhesive vinyl worked really well. It was glued to the polyester material that covered the lid, and although it could be removed from the material if necessary, it stayed in place.

This is what the three designs look like in the Cricut Design Space.

Graduation Cap Ideas for a Cricut (1)

Graduation Cap Ideas for a Cricut (2)

Graduation Cap Ideas for a Cricut (3)

Choose the design you want to create. Then upload the appropriate SVG file to Cricut Design Space and add it to your canvas. In this tutorial, I'll show you how to create the star design.

You may have to zoom out to see the full design. You can do this by clicking on the minus sign (-) in the lower left corner of the screen.

At the end of the tutorial, we'll cover some tips for the other two layouts.

if you are not surehow to upload a cropped SVG file to Cricut Design SpaceCheck out this helpful training video series I created. If you're on an iPad or iPhone, here it ishow to download and upload SVG files to the Cricut Design Space app.


The star design is constructed to create an end cap attachment. The black diamond shape measures 13.294 inches from left corner to right corner, but I'll show you how to layer the 12" x 12" machine mats. Top layers are placed on the lid with the brightest highlights. next to the hat fabric, then plastic, followed by black cardstock and vinyl.

In order for the layers to fit on the 12" x 12" machine mats, we are turning the black and yellow diamond shapes into squares.

In the top menu, click Select All and, immediately to the right, type 45 in the field below Rotate. Now Cricut knows we can use 12" x 12" machine mats!

Your screen should now look similar to mine.

Graduation Cap Ideas for a Cricut (4)

This size should work for most graduation caps. If your limit is higher or lower, you will need to resize the project. Just enter the specific dimensions in the top menu under size. Be sure to keep the lock closed to maintain proportion. You can click and drag the resize handle in the lower-right corner of the bounding box to adjust the size.

(Video) DIY GRADUATION CAP | Cricut Tutorial

Also, this design has a hole in the center of the panel for the tassel button at the top. When measuring my lids for this project, I noticed that some knobs are not centered.

Graduation Cap Ideas for a Cricut (5)

If your lid button is not centered, I'll show you how to fix it!

If you're wearing one of the graduation caps on my accessories list, remove the tassel. Then use scissors to remove the bud. The button is glued and should be very easy to remove. Don't worry if you accidentally cut the fabric, we've covered it with our design so no one can see. We'll insert the button later and add the tassel.

If you can't remove the cap button or want to make a topper to save your design, follow the steps below. I'll show you how to create a simple one first, then customize the stars layout.

Measure your lid and add a square of the same size to your canvas. Then add a circle slightly larger than the button.

Then measure the exact location of your button on your cap. Measure from the left side and down from the top side to find the exact position. Position your circle in the same place using the rulers in Design Space, select both layers and use the cropping tool to cut out the circle.

If you are making the rose or sports cap, use this custom cover as an embellishment and add design elements. Then stick some 3D glue dots on the bottom. Carefully thread the tassel down the neckline and press the topper into place.

This technique also works with the "Stars" theme, but it's a little more complicated. After rotating the drawing, ungroup the layers. Now add a circle shape to the canvas that is slightly larger than the button on your hat.

Use the same measurement and placement steps as before to place the new circle in the correct location. Duplicate it and align it with the original.

Select the black and yellow layers one by one and use the outline tool to hide the button's original outlines. Then select one of the new circles and the black layer. Click Slice. Repeat for the yellow layer and the second circle.

Erase all remaining circular layers. Adjust the size of your text decals as they hit the new hole.

Follow the rest of the assembly steps.


Before cutting, you should also prepare your yellow binder to fit your machine's mat. Open the folder and use sharp scissors to cut along the center fold until the two sides separate.

Cut pockets or additional pieces to create a flat sheet of plastic that will fit in the base of your machine and under the rollers.

Graduation Cap Ideas for a Cricut (6)


Now we are ready to cut. Make sure you have selected the correct machine and click "Do It".

If prompted, click On Mat and continue.

(Video) DIY Graduation Cap Decorations - Light-up, Floral, Layered, and More!

There should be five mats on the staging screen. Click Next in the lower right corner.

Now let's choose material and tool options. You must select the correct material and tooling options for each layer of your end cap attachment.

BRIBERY: If you have trouble cutting your materials, read myfor help!

For Matte 1, the black layer, choose Heavy Card Stock: 100 lb (270 gsm). I always choose "More Pressure" for a nice clean cut.

Place the cardboard on your machine's mat and use a brayer to ensure it is fully adhered. Make sure your fine point blade is clean and in the B clamp. Then load the mat into the machine and press Go.

Graduation Cap Ideas for a Cricut (7)

When cutting is complete, unload the mat, turn it over and roll it up to release the cardboard. This will prevent the cardboard from curling and tearing.

I used the Acetate setting to cut the plastic paste into Matte 2. To find this setting, click Set Base Material To, then click Browse All Materials. Type acetate in the search box and hit Enter. Then click on Acetate and then click on Done.

Again, I used "More Pressure" to get a clean cut on the paste.

Now add the plastic binder to the machine mat and use the brayer to ensure it is fully adhered. You can use a StrongGrip machine mat or a StandardGrip with tape on the sides. Do not let the tape go over the edges of the mat, as it may interfere with the rollers. This is an extra layer of security to ensure it stays in place.

Upon completion of the cut and BEFORE unloading the mat, check that the cut has gone through all the plastic. If not, press the "Go" button again to make the cut a second time in the same location. You can repeat this process if necessary. When you're done, unload the mat, remove the painter's tape, turn it over and unclip the plastic.

Graduation Cap Ideas for a Cricut (8)

Mats 3, 4 and 5 cut well on Premium Vinyl - Permanent Gloss with More Pressure.


While the cardboard and plastic are ready for assembly right after cutting, you will need to remove the vinyl layers. Use a weeding tool to remove excess vinyl. Remember to remove the small pieces on the letters.

After removing the vinyl material, cut pieces of standard transfer tape the same size as the text areas. Remove the protective film from the transfer ribbon. Attach the transfer tape to your vinyl decal by holding the transfer tape in the shape of a dowel, then place the bottom of your "dowel" in the center of your design. Using a rasp tool, smooth the tape across the decal from the center outwards to polish both sides. Once you've done this for each of the three text parts, you can assemble the lid.

Here's a look at all the pieces that make up the Star Butt design.

Graduation Cap Ideas for a Cricut (9)

To begin assembly, place the black cardboard shape on the work surface. Make sure the biggest star is at the top.

(Video) Decorate a graduation cap with Cricut

Place the stickers on the card stock, making sure you like the placement. You can keep the layout open on your computer to help you lay out your elements correctly.

Attach the vinyl text to the cardboard. To do this, carefully remove the protective film from the back of each vinyl piece. The vinyl needs to adhere to the transfer tape. If you don't want some bits to transfer to the tape, scrape again, paying special attention to problem areas.

Now place the text on the correct areas of the card making sure it is straight. You can use a ruler to help you.

Graduation Cap Ideas for a Cricut (10)

IMPORTANT: You'll normally buff the entire transfer tape to make sure the vinyl adheres well to the surface, but a slightly different approach works best with card stock. Carefully place the design in the correct place on the cardboard. Use your fingertip (or other small, pointed object) to press just the vinyl areas under the transfer tape. Remove the transfer tape slowly and carefully, being careful not to damage the cardboard underneath. If the cardboard lifts, try to flatten the fibers. If the tape comes off the cardboard too much, you can cut the black layer again and repeat with a smoother polish.

Repeat for each vinyl decal. Attach all vinyl text before proceeding.

Graduation Cap Ideas for a Cricut (11)

Turn the card so that it is face down. Apply thin lines of craft glue around any cutout shapes, then fill in larger areas with additional thin lines of glue. Place the yellow plastic template on top of the black template, making sure all cutouts are covered and the center eyelets line up. Since the yellow layer is smaller, you'll see a black border around the folder. Let the glue set for a moment before proceeding.

Graduation Cap Ideas for a Cricut (12)

On the finished lid, you want the lights to shine through the yellow plastic on the black card shapes. Then we added the fairy lights to the bottom of the yellow plastic and attached the wire sections with the 3D glue dots. Focus the lights under the cutouts for the best glow.

I started with the farthest light from the battery and placed it on the big star that I'm going to hide the battery from. Place a dot of 3D glue on the yellow plastic outside the star cutout, but close to where you want the light to be. Hold the light where you want it to shine and thread the light down to the glue dot. Press the thread into the glue dot. Move to the next light and repeat the process until you fill in the cutout areas with lights.

Graduation Cap Ideas for a Cricut (13)

In some areas, you can use the same dots of glue for more than one section of the power cord. When you're done connecting the lights, you should have a small amount of wire going to the battery near the bottom of the cover.

Graduation Cap Ideas for a Cricut (14)

Place dots of 3D glue on the bottom four corners of the box where it protrudes above the yellow plastic. Turn the layers over and attach the assembled topper to the graduation cap, making sure all four corners line up.

The cable and battery should protrude between the plastic and the cover. Flip the lid over, place a dot of 3D glue on the back of the battery and glue it to the bottom of the lid where it will be hidden behind the head.

Graduation Cap Ideas for a Cricut (15)

Let's put the tassel and button back on the cap. With the tassel in place, add glue to the bottom of the button and place it in the center hole. Hold it until dry. This time may vary depending on the type of glue used.

(Video) DIY Custom Graduation Cap Topper- Heat Pressed CRICUT TUTORIAL✂️

Graduation Cap Ideas for a Cricut (16)

Your Light Up graduation cap is ready!

Graduation Cap Ideas for a Cricut (17)

As I mentioned before, I have some notes to help you cut and assemble the other two projects.

That onepink graduation capIt consists of several layers of glossy cardboard with a top piece of laminated cardboard. I found that using a purple StrongGrip machine bed and the Glitter Cardstock cutting setting along with More Pressure worked best for cutting the glitter card stock.

I used a green StandardGrip mat and the "Cardboard (for complex cuts)" setting with the "Standard" print for the foil cardboard. Your cutting machine may be different, so remember to test your material before cutting your finished designs. If you are not sure how to do it, visit myCricuts top tipsand follow #16!

It also has some intricate cuts that can make the rugs difficult to remove. Remember to turn the mat over and away from the billboard. If intricate pieces don't want to come off the mat easily, try gently sliding a putty knife underneath.

To stack cardboard layers, start with the bottom layer and work your way up. The flowers are stacked: green, white, yellow, red and silver. I applied thin lines or dots of craft glue to the back of each piece before placing it on the bottom layer.

Graduation Cap Ideas for a Cricut (18)

Craft glue also works well for attaching the assembled box to the lid, but keep in mind that it is quite permanent. If you want or need a temporary app, you can create a trim from the black layer of the Stars SVG file to attach the rose assembly, and then use dots of glue to attach the trim to the lid. The topper can then be placed in a shadow box for display.

That onesports graduation capIt is made entirely of permanent vinyl. The file is designed to cut the corner elements on each side of the lid together in one piece. This may seem like a waste of material, but it saves assembly time. First attach the lineset to the cap (and as an integral part) and then use it to align the elements to the left and right corners of the cap. You can use a ruler to keep things as straight as possible.

USE:Keep in mind that the fabric might not fully adhere to the hat underneath, so it might look a little off-center if the fabric slips a little. It's okay, it doesn't have to be perfect.

Graduation Cap Ideas for a Cricut (19)
The jersey layers are stacked in red, white and black. If you need help with alignment, check out myvinyl layering tutorialfor tip! I made a version with shimmer vinyl instead of white and I loved the result! If you're experimenting with glossy vinyl, use Strong Grip Transfer Tape.

USE:Keep in mind that although the surface of the cover is fabric, you might be tempted to iron it, permanent vinyl is a much better option! I tried both options and found that heating the lid with an iron can warp and even melt the lid and its fabric.


Once you've put your graduation caps together, wear them with pride to stand out from the crowd. After your celebrations, show them off with a display box made from your hat and other mementos of your big day!

Graduation Cap Ideas for a Cricut (20)

There are so many ways to customize these graduation cap ideas! You can change the vinyl to your school's colors, add your favorite quote in a fun font, or even glue some rolled paper flowers onto an ornament! I have some perfect floral designs on minePaper Flower Letter Tutorial.

(Video) How To Design a Graduation Cap - Cricut Design Space Start to Finish

Hope you use these ideas as inspiration to create your own custom graduation cap!


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