ghd Duet Style Hot Air Styler review: impressive wet-dry styling (2023)

In the T3 ghd Duet Style review, I tested the first ghd 2-in-1 hot air straightener to see if it lived up to the hype. I can confidently say that after a few weeks of testing, I am more than impressed.

Founded in 2001, ghd is today one of the leading brands in the hair care industry thanks to its impressive hair styling tools. Many ghd products were listed in Q3 forbest hair dryeribest hair straighteners…and the ghd Duet style is also in fashion.

Launched in 2023, the ghd Duet Style is the first 2-in-1 hot air curler that dries and styles hair with a single device. Utilizing heated plates that glide through the hair, drying and styling at the same time, ghd Duet Style technology is designed to achieve smooth and fast results without damaging the hair.

Everyone raves about ghd Duet Style and it looks like it could challenge the hottest groomers on the market. To haveDyson Air WrapWRekin FlexStyleNervous about the new ghd Duet style? Let's test it!

ghd Duet Style review: unboxed

The ghd Duet Style arrived in a sleek cardboard box with no excess or plastic wrapping, giving the brand great credit for being more environmentally conscious. In the box you will receive the ghd Duet Style Hot Air Straightener with attached power cord and heat resistant plate cover. Apart from the manual, that's all you need, and the device itself does not require any additional accessories.

Setting up the ghd Duet Style was incredibly easy - just plug it in! Once plugged in, simply press the power button and the ghd Duet Style will begin to heat up and beep when ready to use - more on that later.

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ghd Duet Style Review: Design

Let's start with the design, the ghd Duet Style looks more like a hair straightener than a hair dryer. The 4 smart temperature plates have a unique styling chamber and internal aerodynamics that expel hot air to dry and style at the same time. The way it works is that the ghd Duet Style uses Air-fusion technology that concentrates airflow through a concentrated drying chamber that works in conjunction with the styling plates to dry your hair.

To cover more hair and provide a 2-in-1 action, the ghd Duet Style shaver has large plates, making it sometimes heavy and difficult to hold. That said, you can pack a large amount of hair onto plates to dry larger sections of hair quickly and efficiently. Another impressive feature of the ghd Duet Style is the use of Infinity Sensors that anticipate the needs of the hair and adjust the temperature accordingly to protect it from damage.

There are two buttons on the ghd Duet Style grip: the on/off button and the Shine Shot button. To turn on the ghd Duet Style, simply move the slider to the on position and it will begin to heat up. If you want to use the Shine Shot button, press it for 2 seconds before the button lights up and the ghd Duet style is ready. Shine Shot is a mode that can only be used on dry hair and turns the ghd Duet Style into a styler. It only heats up to 185°C and does not remove air.

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ghd Duet Style review: concert

When using ghd Duet Style, the brand's instructions say to use it only on damp hair that has been towel dried beforehand - definitely not soaked! So, after towel drying my hair, I turned on the ghd Duet Style and it immediately made a loud beep before it started to heat up. As it heats up, it makes a buzzing sound similar to what you might get with most hair dryers.

Once it reaches maximum temperature (which takes a few seconds), the ghd Duet Style will let you know when it's ready to use again. The ghd Duet style doesn't beep very often, but when it does, you'll know for sure because it's quite loud and high pitched. It's not really a big deal as the hair dryers are quite noisy anyway, but it's worth noting.

To use the ghd Duet Style, I cut my hair as I would when straightening or straightening. As someone with thin hair, I really didn't need to do this as ghd Duet Style dried my hair very quickly. It glides easily and smoothly through the hair, even if your hair is a bit tangled, and I was impressed with how quickly it dried my hair. When I sectioned my hair and used smaller sections, I found that ghd Duet Style dried my hair in about 2-3 passes, and with slightly thicker sections of hair, it dried in about 5-6 passes. I thought it was quite impressive, although it may take longer for people with thicker hair.

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ghd Duet Style gives off a large amount of heat that adheres very well to the dishes. While you shouldn't touch the irons while using them, the heat is retained well if you accidentally touch the outside, so I wasn't afraid of getting burnt while using the drying and styling features. Switching from ghd Duet Style mode to Shine Shot mode is easy and only takes a few seconds. The style works well and I've found it works best when you're trying to get straight waves. It also made my hair shiny and silky.

One complaint I have about the ghd Duet Style is the size of the plates. Because the plates are quite large and wide, it can be difficult to get them close to the roots, and when you do, the heat they give off is quite intense. I noticed that my roots were still a bit wet after use and styling could be a bit tricky as well. If you are trying to style your hair in curls or fancy curls, the ghd Duet Style is not the best way as the plates are too big. That said, the ghd Duet Style is more for drying and straightening hair and curls well, so if you want tighter or bouncier curls, you'd better usebest hair curlers.

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ghd Duet Style review: price

The ghd Duet style costs £379ghd websiteand in selected stores, e.gJuan LewisWErgio. Compared to its competitors, the ghd Duet Style sits in the middle between the Shark FlexStyle and Dyson Airwrap, the former costing £299.99 and the latter £479.99.

Since the ghd Duet Style came out this year, it's unlikely you'll find a price drop anytime soon, but you can take advantage of discount codesfor money from your order.

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ghd Duet Style review: verdict

The ghd Duet Style is an impressive 2-in-1 hair appliance that effectively and effortlessly dries and straightens hair. After using ghd Duet Style instead of a regular blow dryer, I noticed that my hair became softer, smoother and shinier, which is a huge plus. The technology behind ghd Duet Style is incredibly smart and works very well, even though sometimes it's hard to get to the roots.

I will say that the plates are a bit too big and heavy for some and it is mainly aimed at people who want to dry straight hair. But if that's what you want, it's the perfect hair care tool to add to your hair care routine. I definitely recommend.

ghd Duet Style Review: Alternatives to Consider

If you need a similar 2-in-1 curler, the Shark FlexStyle is a great alternative to consider. Less expensive than the ghd Duet Style, the Shark FlexStyle has five styling options and accessories, including a styling concentrator, oval brush, paddle brush, curl defining diffuser and two auto curlers. It also applies heat directly to the hair and causes little to no damage just like the ghd Duet Style.

If you don't already sell wet-on-dry hair straighteners, you should opt for a high-quality hair dryer and straightener that are separate from each other. ghd is a great brand to choose from and the ghd Helios hair dryer is currently in the top 3 of our guide to the best hair dryers. For straightening and other hairstyles,ghd platinum+These are the best hair straighteners you can buy today and were given 5 stars in a T3 review.

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