Blackstone Flat Top Grill Review (28" & 36" & Table Grills) (2023)

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When it comes to versatility and practicality, the flat grill is one of the best types of grills in the world of outdoor cooking.

The flat grill plate has several distinct advantages over traditional grills, but most importantly, it provides amazingly tasty food. And they are quite easy to use and operate.

looking atbest plate grills, the name that keeps popping up isBlack stone grill. It is one of the best-selling grills in the US, regardless of type, and we felt it deserved its special rating.

In this article, we present our full Blackstone Flat Top Grill review. Finally, we'll also give you some of our favorite tips for getting the most out of your grill.

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Blackstone - Quick Brand Overview

Blackstone was founded in 2005 with the idea of ​​bringing friends and family together for a deliciously cooked meal. Specifically, they wanted to sell products that had a certain culinary excellence that other brands lacked.

The Blackstone Flat Top Grill/Griddle is actually the first product they've ever released! Since 2005, his iron has been his masterpiece and bestseller. The original design was great, but over time they continued to make tweaks to improve the product.

Blackstone products are designed in the United States. There are no cheap assembly lines from other countries, which is reflected in the quality of their products.

Blackstone Flat Top Grill review

Blackstone Flat Top Grill Review (28" & 36" & Table Grills) (1)

Blackstone Flat Top 4 Burner Gas Grill - Propane

(Video) 1 Year Review Blackstone 28" "GRIDDLE"

  • 720 square inches of cooking surface
  • 4 burners, each with a heat capacity of 60,000 BTU (total 60,000)
  • Built-in grease management system

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Blackstone productsFlat grill plate stationThis is their first and most important product and you can see that they put their heart and soul into the project. This is an objectively fantastic and versatile outdoor kitchen.

The cooking surface itself is a 7-gauge carbon laminated steel sheet and measures 36 inches by 20 inches, giving you a 720-square-inch cooking surface to work with. By comparison, that's enough room for 28 burgers, 16grilled steaks, or 72 hot dogs at once!

Sure, you may not use 100% of that space for many of your cooks, but having extra work space and potentially setting up multiple cooking zones is still a luxury.

Blackstone Flat Top Grill Review (28" & 36" & Table Grills) (2)

A practical example would be if you'd likecook hamburgersand vegetables at the same time, but at different temperatures - you have enough space for that. It can also keep some foods warm while others cook.

This is a propane gas grill using 4 burners, each rated at 15,000 BTU for a total of 60,000 BTU. A quick press starts the ignition and each burner has its own individually adjustable heat control.

The front panel with temperature control is made of elegant stainless steel. It is easy to clean and retains its beautiful aesthetics for a long time. The frame is made of black powder coated steel, which is also durable and long lasting.

As for the handy built-in features, there are two fold-down side shelves and trays for extra work and serving space while cooking. Commercial-grade locking wheels are mounted on the bottom of the cart, making transporting and securing the baking pan a breeze.

There is also a built-in latch to attach the propane tank to the grill. You don't have to worry about tripping over a hose or anything - everything is stored in one neat place.

Cleaning is one of those topics that many people don't think about or overlook when comparing grills. However, this is one of the most important considerations, and a flat grill should be easy to clean to minimize the time you spend on it.

(Note: see our guide onHow to clean a flat grillfor advice on this topic)

The Blackstone Outdoor Flat Top Grill has a built-in fat management system that will really take the strain off of you. It basically does a lot of the work for you by draining all the fat from cooking into the collection container. The bucket can be easily removed to drain accumulated fat when filling.

There are also paid premium extra features that can greatly enhance your grill setup if you want to upgrade it. Our favorites are the BBQ table (additional shelf and serving area), windshield, breakfast set, and custom grill cover.

Things we like:

  • comprehensive quality. Stainless steel is the material of choice for all major components of this grill and the surface of the grill is high quality 7 gauge steel.
  • excellent price, especially for something that could replace a traditional grill. Among all types of grills and individual products, this one is one of the best on the market in terms of value for money.
  • Built-in grease management systemmakes the cleaning and maintenance of the pan extremely easy.
  • Powerful burners and maximum control. It has a temperature range to handle everything from reheating pre-cooked sausages to hot steaks. Simply set multi-zone cooking to heat some foods while others cook.
  • Lots of cooking surfaces.If necessary, you can prepare food for a small army while cooking with plenty of space. Even if you're cooking for a smaller group, the extra space has many advantages.
  • 4 commercial grade wheels2 of which are closed. This arrangement makes it relatively easy to move the grill around the terrace. However, when it's time to cook, it locks securely into place.
  • Built-in clip to hold propane cylindersThis is a great safety and convenience feature. Your tank will stay attached to the grill and will not interfere with your work.

Things we don't do:

(Video) Blackstone 28” 2 Burner Griddle / 6 Year Honest Review!

  • Only 1 year warranty- No big deal as the product is of high quality and you will rarely if ever find yourself in a situation where this comes into play.
  • The surface of the baking tray is not replaceable.. It's a minor complaint, but some competing products (namely the Camp Chef Flat Top Grill) have a removable grill and pan.

The Blackstone Flat Top Grill is also available in a 28" wide by 16.75" deep version. It is essentially the same grill with a few key differences.

famous name28 inch versionIt has only 2 burners due to its more compact size. However, that doesn't mean it lacks power: anything you can do in the 36-inch version, you can also do in the 28-inch version. The other big difference is that the cooking surface is 470 square inches.

Blackstone table grill review

Blackstone Flat Top Grill Review (28" & 36" & Table Grills) (3)

Original Blackstone 22 inch tabletop

  • 362 square inches of cooking surface
  • Small but mighty - 24,000 BTU heating power
  • weigh less than 40 pounds

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ZBlackstone table grillis nonebest table grillproducts on the market. If you're looking for something that's easy to carry, this is a great option.

It shares many features with its larger counterpart, and the quick version of the story is that you can expect the same overall design quality and attention from the desktop version.

The Blackstone Table Grill is available in two different sizes:

  • 17 inch table grill- 260 square inches of cooking surface, weighs 21 pounds
  • 22 inch table grill- 330 square inches of cooking surface, weighs 32 pounds

Blackstone Flat Top Grill Review (28" & 36" & Table Grills) (4)

Honestly, that's quite a lot of cooking surface in a portable grill. It is also worth noting that the 17-inch model is based on one burner, while the 22-inch model is based on two burners. Each of these burners has its own independent temperature control. Both are strong enough to provide essentially the same grilling experience as you'd find on a full-sized grill.

It connects to a 1-pound propane tank, although it can easily be connected to a 20-pound tank with a converter hose.

Finally, the intuitive grease channel traps grease and directs it away from the food. This design feature makes it easy to clean each time you fire up the grill!

Make the most of your Blackstone Flat Top Grill

There are a few tips that I am always happy to pass on to anyone looking to buy a quality iron.

(Video) NEW Culinary Series Blackstone Griddle + HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT!

First, make sure you know how to clean and season a flat grill.. Routine maintenance is extremely important, but especially with your iron.We have a full guide on how to do it here.if you want to see it

Secondly, pay attention to the oil you cook in and season your flat grill.. If you choose a type of oil with too low a smoke point, you could have disaster on your hands or at least preserve the flavor of your food. Check out our post onthe best cooking oilssome tips in this section.

Finally, have fun with it!These are some of the most versatile cuisines in the world, and that's no exaggeration. Have fun with the recipes and don't be afraid to try something new.

Frequently asked questions

Is it worth buying a Blackstone iron?

In every way, yes, the Blackstone iron is worth it. Before buying one of these irons, you might want to consider whether they are worth the price alone. But we'd say they're worth it, and for so many different reasons.

Blackstone pans are very different from traditional grills and therefore offer many different cooking options. They heat up quickly and have an electronic ignition that works quickly and efficiently.

They are also very sturdy baking molds with heavy wheels that snap into place when you use them. Therefore, these grills are also very safe.

But this is not the only advantage of Blackstone slabs. One of the best things about these irons is the support you get from the company after you buy them. With all that in mind, we'd say they're worth the money.

How much does a Blackstone iron cost?

As we have established, Blackstone irons are certainly not cheap. When you decide to buy a Blackstone iron, you are making an investment. That's why you probably want to know if they're worth the price before you buy them.

Blackstone irons come in a variety of prices. The company offers top-notch irons as well as affordable options, so there's something for everyone. Their cheapest irons can cost as much as $200, but their premium options often exceed $1,000.

Therefore, there is no single answer to the question of how much a Blackstone iron costs, simply because the company offers many options. So if you're on a tight budget or want to invest in a more expensive option, Blackstone has the iron for you.

Is Blackstone a Walmart brand?

In every way, Blackstone is a Walmart brand. This is because Walmart has an exclusive deal with Blackstone that gives Walmart special access to certain Blackstone models.

These models will only be sold at Walmart and cannot be purchased anywhere else. These exclusive models are sold under the Walmart name.

That's why Blackstone sells its own baking trays. The main difference between the models they sell under their own name and the models they sell under the Walmart brand is the look. Walmart Blackstone baking sheets are black and Blackstone baking sheets sold by Blackstone are made of stainless steel.

Essentially, Blackstone is technically a Walmart brand as the company has an exclusive deal with Walmart to sell certain models of their irons. So while they are an independent brand, Blackstone is also part of the Walmart brand.

Why are Blackstone baking trays so popular?

There is no denying that Blackstone irons are one of the most popular brands on the market. People seem to love Blackstone, and there are many reasons for that.

The main reason why so many people love Blackstone irons is their incredible reliability. Not only are the grills durable and made of strong, long-lasting materials, but they also provide excellent customer service should something go wrong with the grill while it is in use.

Other than that, another reason why people love black stone pans is because they cook food evenly. Most grills and pans have hot spots where the grill burns more than any other part of the pan. But Blackstone records don't have them.

(Video) HEAD TO HEAD Flat Top Grills - Blackstone vs. Weber vs. Traeger Griddles - PROS & CONS

Instead, you can compare your Blackstone skillet to a cast iron skillet as it distributes heat evenly throughout the grill, making it one of the most popular on the market.

Should I taste the Blackstone pan?

Yes! You do need to season your Blackstone pan though. While these pans are often considered the best on the market, they still need to be seasoned just like any other grill. Seasoning is very important as it adds flavor to your pan and can also protect it from scratches.

To season a Blackstone pan, you need to wash it first. After a good scrub, you can choose an oil that will flavor your pan. But before you add the pan, increase the heat to full heat and let it sit for about 15 minutes.

Once hot, add about 3 tablespoons of oil to the pan. Let the oil boil for about 30 minutes, then your pan is seasoned.

Are Blackstone pans cast iron?

No, Blackstone pans are not made of cast iron. Instead, Blackstone pans are made of steel coils to create cooking space in the pan. Despite this, many people confuse it with cast iron, because the design of Blackstone pans allows it to cook even like cast iron.

As we said before, one of the best things about Blackstone grills is that they don't suffer from hot spots like many grills do. The only other type of pan that doesn't suffer from heat marks is cast iron pans, which is why so many people are so confused.

If you prefer to cook with cast iron, you can buy a cast iron lid for your pan. As we mentioned, Blackstone baking sheets are extremely versatile and therefore great for placing a new sheet on a baking sheet. So if you prefer to cook in cast iron, you can place the cast iron plate on top of the Blackstone plate.

Do Blackstone sheets rust?

Blackstone baking sheets can rust, so it is very important to take precautions if you choose to store your Blackstone baking sheet outdoors. All it takes is a small amount of water that gets into the mechanism for the Blackstone iron to rust. If this water remains on the iron, it will cause corrosion.

Although Blackstone grills are ostensibly the best brand on the market, they are still just as susceptible to corrosion as any other grill. Therefore, it is important to be careful when storing the iron outdoors.

To prevent your pan from rusting, we recommend greasing it regularly, keeping it away from hot spots, and investing in a good pan cover. All of these actions taken together should prevent your Blackstone iron from rusting.

Can you smoke meat in a black stone pan?

Yes, you can smoke meat in a Blackstone pan. However, it is not as easy as one might expect. Blackstone doesn't make a smokehouse, so you can't buy one to smoke meat. Instead, you should smoke the meat in the pan.

To smoke meat in a pan, you first need to create smoke. The best way to do this is to fill an aluminum tray with wood chips and set it on fire. You then place the aluminum smoker on a flat rack next to the meat you want to smoke. Cover everything and let the meat cook.

The key to smoking meat is good temperature control, so check the temperature under the lid often. It's also important to check the temperature of the smoked meat before eating it to make sure it's done.

final thoughts

Buying any type of grill is a big purchase - if you've come this far, you're on the right track. The Blackstone Flat Top Grill is without a doubt one of the best outdoor ovens available and the food it prepares is sure to please the crowds.

If you want to see how these grills stack up against other big flat grill manufacturers, check out our comparisonBlackstone vs camp chefnext.

What grill did you end up on? Have questions for us? Let us know in the comments below!


Is the 28 inch Blackstone griddle big enough? ›

The Blackstone 28″ Griddle with Hood model is one of the best griddles available on the market. It is large enough to make a lot of food at once and cooks it well. With two H-style burners, it's up to the task.

What is the difference between Blackstone 28 and 28xl? ›

Our 28" XL griddles are 3 inches deeper than the regular 28 inch griddles, giving you 88 more square inches for cooking.

Are Blackstone griddles better than grills? ›

True grilling on grill grates over an open flame is intimidating to many people. Food can stick, fall through the grates, and burn quickly if you're not paying attention. But a griddle is much more forgiving. Temperatures can be controlled by either turning down the heat or moving foods to a cooler area on the griddle.

How many burgers will 28 Blackstone griddle hold? ›

Assembly RequiredYesColor
Fits No. of Burgers18Front/Side Shelf
Grill Color FamilyBlackGrill Wheels
Grill/Smoker CategoryFreestanding/Cart StyleGrill/Smoker Features
Grill/Smoker Fuel TypePropaneIgnition Type
2 more rows

Is Walmart Blackstone different? ›

Model numbers differ, but appearances are the same. The blackstone appears to be a "newer model" with no visual changes. Walmart reviews of it are great (minus the shipping box always being damaged).

Are Blackstone griddles hard to maintain? ›

Cooking On Your Blackstone Griddle:

Treat this like any other cast iron when you are cooking and maintenance is a breeze! I always oil it if needed and start it at medium heat to warm it up and then cook on low. Low and slow is my favorite way to cook no matter what equipment I am cooking on.

How often do you flip burgers on Blackstone griddle? ›

Cook the patties for 4-5 minutes on the first side, or until there's a nice crust on the bottom. Flip once, cook another 4-5 minutes, and put cheese on the burgers. Cover with the lid or a dome until it is melted.

How much food can you cook on a 28 inch Blackstone griddle? ›

To make room for the popular two-burner rangetop, we took the width to 28”. There are 612 sq. inches of cooking space (88 more square inches than the 28”). The griddle can cook up to 24 burgers, 12 steaks, and 72 hot dogs and feed up to 20 people.

Why is Blackstone so popular? ›

Blackstone has various griddle styles from which to choose, but they all have one thing in common: a flat-top made from cold-rolled steel, which is an ideal material for even heat distribution and controlled cooking. And this is just the thing that's making the Blackstone Griddle such an internet success.

Do Blackstone grills last? ›

With proper maintenance, your cooking dream machine can last 15 to 20 years. To make the cleanup as effortless as preparing your meals, follow these expert tips on how to keep this hot griddle in tip-top shape—no matter if it's a portable tabletop or a full-service backyard Blackstone beauty.

How do I choose a Blackstone grill? ›

The first thing you should consider is what size of griddle will serve you best. Your most common Blackstone's come in four sizes – 17, 22, 28, and 36 inches. This is the measurement of width, so it describes how many inches across you'll have to cook with.

Are burgers better on grill or griddle? ›

Retained Juices: When you grill over the grates, a significant amount of the juices in your meat run off into the grates. This is a key cause of overly dry burgers, even when the burger is not over-cooked. When you cook your burgers on a griddle, the patty is not as likely to dry out.

Are steaks better on a grill or griddle? ›

Steaks are better on grills than on a griddle. The smoke flavor that a grill adds to steaks makes them taste better. However, you can cook steaks on a griddle just as easily.

What are the disadvantages of a griddle? ›

What are the disadvantages of a griddle? A griddle takes a lot of time to heat up. It needs special care and frequent seasoning and is a bit expensive.

What companies are comparable to Blackstone? ›

The Blackstone Group competitors include BlackRock, The Carlyle Group and Goldman Sachs.

What companies are similar to Blackstone? ›

Competitor comparison
  • KKR & Co Inc Headquarters. United States of America. No. of employees. 4,150. ...
  • TPG Capital LP Headquarters. United States of America. No. of employees. WXYZ. ...
  • The Carlyle Group Inc. Headquarters. United States of America. No. ...
  • Cannae Holdings Inc Headquarters. United States of America. No. of employees.

What is difference between Blackstone griddle models? ›

The major difference between these two models is the number of burners and the cooking surface. The big model features four independent burners, while the 28” model features only two burners. As for cooking surface difference, the 36” has 720 square inches of cooking area while the 28” model has only 470 square inches.

Should I oil my Blackstone after every use? ›

How often do I need to season my Blackstone griddle? After every use, clean the griddle and coat it with cooking oil. This'll help protect it from rust and keep the non-stick surface intact.

Why do Blackstone griddles rust? ›

Rust can form on your griddle surface if the steel is able to interact with oxygen and water. This is also known as oxidation. The oxidation process can happen if there is a break or fault in your griddle seasoning or if water is able to sit on your griddle top for a prolonged period.

Should I oil my Blackstone after each use? ›

How often should you condition your Blackstone griddle? You should season your flat-top grill with a light coat of oil after every cook. Doing so helps to maintain a non-stick cooking surface.

Are burgers good on Blackstone griddle? ›

Cooking burgers on the Blackstone griddle gives you an even sear across the entire burger. If you have a burger dome, grab it for this recipe, to help melt the cheese!

Why do my burgers stick to my Blackstone? ›

The primary reason for a griddle to get sticky is because it has too thick of a layer of oil on the cooking surface. A properly seasoned griddle has a very thin layer of oil applied that burns into the surface to create a permanent, hard, non-stick surface.

Are burgers good on a Blackstone? ›

Quick Dinner Idea - with not having to make your own hamburger patties or having to thaw your burgers before throwing them on the Blackstone you'll save a lot of time! You can even cook bacon or onions on the grill while the burgers cook too!

Can you put a regular pan on a Blackstone? ›

A: You can use any kind of metal pan directly on the griddle top. Most things you can cook in a cast iron will work directly on the griddle top, no skillet needed. We recommend using pots or pans on the griddle when you need to cook things that need a confined space like syrup.

Does a Blackstone get hot enough to sear? ›

With a Blackstone flat top grill, cooking a steak is simple. For the most part and for most steaks, you just get the grill to a nice high temp, between 450 and 500 degrees, and when you throw the seasoned steaks on and let them sear and develop that nice signature crust that everyone loves.

What do you cook first on Blackstone? ›

I start my hash with potatoes and onions. I dice up the potatoes and get them cooking first because typically they take the longest to cook. I put some oil or beef tallow on the griddle with a nice pile of diced red potatoes. I want to let them sear to almost have some crispy edges for texture.

What is the ranking of Blackstone? ›

Blackstone's exemplary workplace has once again been recognized in the UK's Best Companies to Work for Survey 2022. Building on the success of 2021, the firm was ranked the 3rd Best Company to Work for in Financial Services in the UK.

Is Blackstone a good investment? ›

Blackstone Inc. currently has an average brokerage recommendation (ABR) of 1.81, on a scale of 1 to 5 (Strong Buy to Strong Sell), calculated based on the actual recommendations (Buy, Hold, Sell, etc.) made by 13 brokerage firms. An ABR of 1.81 approximates between Strong Buy and Buy.

How long does a 20 lb propane tank last on a Blackstone griddle? ›

If you have all burners on high, the standard 20 lb propane tank will last an approximate time of seven hours. The standard 20 lb propane tank usually contains about 4.73 gallons of propane, which is equal to 430,270 BTU.


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