4 Iron vs. 4 Hybrid: Which one should I choose? | 365 golf trip (2023)

If your driver's swing speed is 95 mph or less, the 4 Hybrid is probably the best racquet for your game. If your swing speed is over 95 mph with the driver, the 4-iron can be a great choice if you're looking for accuracy and precision over those longer distances.

special note:I tested this recommendation below using a low handicap golfer with a driver swing speed of 170 km/h and a medium handicap golfer with a driver swing speed of 150 km/h. (See results below)

Today's golfers have many options for those 175 yards and beyond. Whether they use a 4-iron or a 4-hybrid, they can have a club that suits their game.

This is great as the golfer can find the right club for their game.

With today's hybrid options, golfers can expect success over the longer distances on the approach or second shot on a par 5.

4 iron vs. 4 Hybrid: Which one should I use?

Testing the 4 Iron vs. 4 Hybrid based on turning speed

I tested the recommendation with 2 different golfers:

  • Golfer 1: Driver swing speed 107, handicap 3
  • Golfer 2: Pilot's swimming speed of 93, handicap 15

4 iron vs. Hybrid 4 Comparison Chart: Low Handicap Golfers - Swing Speed ​​107 mph

shot #4 iron spacers4 Hybrid Distance

The central theses:

  • While the 4 hybrid averaged higher distance, the low handicap player preferred the distance accuracy offered by the 4 iron.
  • He also landed two shots from distance and went a meter long (208 and 209) with the 4-hybrid, which could have ended in a bogey or worse.

final decision

  • This golfer would pick all 4 irons

4 Iron vs. Hybrid 4 Comparison Chart - Medium Handicap Golfer - 90mph Swing Speed

shot #4 iron spacers4 Hybrid Distance

The central theses:


  • The best racket is clearly the 4 Hybrid. The golfer above struggled with poor contact on 2 putts of 4 irons (165 and 155) that would have resulted in a bogey or worse.
  • Although the 4 Hybrid had a 10 yard range, they all flew better and made clean contact 100% of the time.

Final decision:

  • This golfer would choose the 4 Hybrid

Update: Many golfers overestimate their swing speed and carrying distance. At the very least go to your local golf shop and at the very least hit the hybrid 4 on your home monitor or golf simulator and measure your actual distance. Golfers often force certain clubs because they want to be part of the "putter" that hits a 4 iron. Use new technology to your advantage. They always ask how many but not how. Put the ball in the hole!

Overall, technology makes it easier for hybrid and utility irons to hit the ball further, higher and straighter than ever before. However, the golfer still needs to test which is the best option for his game.

Ultimately, every golfer should have a distance chart (see how to build it below) to refer to to ensure there aren't huge differences in mileage. As a golfer progresses, he has several options at any given distance if he is able to control the length and speed of his swing and play a flying shot in certain wind conditions.

7 Wood vs. 4 Hybrid: Which one should I use?

Advantages of an iron 4:

  • accuracy and precision
  • Ability to control pitch height.

Advantages of a 4 Hybrid:

  • easy to hit high
  • Versatile from different lies
  • land softly
4 Iron vs. 4 Hybrid: Which one should I choose? | 365 golf trip (1)

4 Iron vs. 4 Hybrid: Loft and Length Comparison

A 4 iron has about 18 degrees of loft and a length of about 38.875 inches. A 4 Hybrid will have more loft at 21 degrees, but slightly more at 40 inches.

Associationroofshaft length
4 Eisen18 graduate38,875”
4 hybrid21 Graduated40”

4 irons: accuracy and precision

The best golfers play at specific points on the green and expect to hit the green within a 20- to 30-foot circle of the target spot. The 4-iron is designed for tighter range because short accuracy is one of the hallmarks of the club.

The single-digit handicap player will need that extra precision when playing the more difficult courses, where there are many bunkers around each green and the complex greens get more difficult.

4 irons vs 5 woods: which one should I use?

4 Irons: Ability to control shot height

Hitting low, mid and high on demand can be difficult with a fairway wood. The 4 iron is superior in its ability to control shot height.

By changing the position of the ball and releasing the club, the best golfers can control the height of the shot. This becomes particularly important when the player is playing into the wind or in certain course conditions such as turbulence. B. hard or too soft.

(Video) Hybrid or Iron? 4-hybrid vs 4-iron | Moderate Club Speed Trackman Test

4 iron x 7 wood: which one should I use?

4 Hybrid: Easy to Achieve High

The 4-Hybrid is designed with a low center of gravity to allow the player to achieve quality shot height. Fairway woods and hybrids on the golf market today are designed for slower swing speeds and higher handicap players.

The goal of these goals is to provide a tool that allows the golfer to hit higher quality putts that hit smoothly, and the 4-Hybrid delivers on that goal. Many golfers will fall in love with your 4 Hybrid and it will be their favorite club in the bag.

The golfer who lacks driver swing speed often turns to the 4-Hybrid for his second putt on the par 4s and par 5s.

Whether you choose a 4-hybrid, 3-hybrid or any fairway wood, it's likely to become your putter of choice for many of the longer putts you'll find on a golf course.

Chop with a hybrid

4 Hybrid: Versatile Of Different Lies

By design, when a golfer is rough and has a slow swing speed or lack of energy, the 4 iron will spin frequently. The opposite is true for the 4-hybrid. It remains more stable and gives the golfer the best chance of a quality shot. If you play a course with long and challenging rough terrain, running multiple hybrids might be a good option.

Back in the days of Adams' strict lies, the fairway woods were forever changed. They are a great choice for many golfers, especially off the course. Golfers can play the fairway, rough or even a fairway bunker with great confidence. When you have confidence in a club at every lie, the player can swing with a higher level of confidence, which often leads to better results.

Do professional golfers use hybrids?

4 Hybrid: Land Soft

Due to the extra height the golfer gains with the 4 Hybrid, the ball lands smoothly on the green. This gives the player the ability to maintain the green from 150 yards and beyond. The higher handicap golfer can often be frustrated when a shot lands on the green but comes out backwards.

4-Hybrid can help solve this problem. In general, hybrids have been a lifesaver for many high handicap golfers or those with slower swing speeds. Many seniors are turning to hybrids to replace the longer irons they used to use when they had faster swing speeds.

(Video) Should You Choose Hybrid vs Fairway Wood vs Driving Iron? (Build My Bag)

Often the key is to put the ego aside and really experiment with what's best for your game.

utility iron vs. hybrid

4 Iron vs. 4 Hybrid: Which one should I choose? | 365 golf trip (2)

Next steps: 4 Irons vs. 4 hybrids

  • evidence
  • Create a distance chart
  • Practice a baton swing

Next steps: test your options

We made a big generalization with swing speed below 95, but there are always exceptions to these rules. Therefore, we recommend trying out the different options that exist today in the golf market.

I strongly recommend that any golfer use the technology available in launch monitors like Skytrak or Mevo+. These devices can be great for tracking data like the following:

  • ball speed
  • Transport and total distance
  • shot spread
  • initial store
  • Rotation speed
  • axis of rotation

Are hybrid racquets good for beginners?

Here are the top 3 options to try:

Next steps: Create a distance graph

With each of the three launch monitors listed above, we also recommend creating a distance graph similar to the following:

I strongly recommend that any golfer create a distance table like the following example:

AssociationReach (100%)90%80%
2 irons210
4 Eisen190
5 Eisen181
6 Eisen171
7 Eisen163
8 Eisen153
9 the iron143
throwing wedge118110102

This may be the single most important piece of information you can use to play quality golf. I've heard and seen firsthand many stories where golfers completely overestimate the distance they hit each iron.

You hit a 165-yard 7-iron once and think that's your carrying distance. Then they leap off on a 165-yard drive, hit the 7-iron and land in a bunker. They take him out of the bunker and consider a boogeyman to be their reality. If, instead, they had the right club and hit the 6-iron, their chances of hitting the center of the green would be greatly increased!

When do you use a hybrid?

How can you create your own chart?

The best option: I recommend a boot monitor!

These portable devices can be used on the driving range, on the golf course, or on your home network or golf simulator. In addition to being able to map your pocket and know your distances, these devices also provide high quality feedback and the following information after each shot:

  • transport distance
  • Rotation speed
  • initial store
  • axis of rotation
  • total distance
  • ball speed

This information will help you plan your bag, decide which clubs are best for your game, develop a stock shot, and much more. I love using my SkyTrak in my golf simulator setup 365 days a year.

(Video) What Golf Hybrids Should You Play? Breaking Down Hybrids With Trackman

The process of mapping your luggage can look like this:

  • Make 5 shots with each club in your bag.
  • Record haul distance and total distance for each shot.
  • Eliminate any outliers (bad hits or low turnover rates).
  • Take the average and create a map out of your pocket.

If you attend a PGA Tour event, you'll see a lot of golfers using their pitching monitors. While most cannot afford a Trackman, there are some very affordable options in the $500 to $2000 range. I own the Skytrak and am telling the world about it.

4 Iron vs. 4 Hybrid: Which one should I choose? | 365 golf trip (3)

Next Steps: Practicing a Common Take

Regardless of whether the 4-Hybrid or 4-Iron is best for your game, to play our best golf we need to be able to control the tee line and the curve of the ball. No matter what your current skill level is, the Stock Shot Drill is our first drill to help us find the consistency we want. When golfers describe desired consistency, it is usually a predictable swing pattern.

El taladro: Stock-Shot-Drill

  • At the practice range, place an alignment stick about 20 to 25 feet in front of you, directly along the target line.
  • If you have a second alignment stick, place it 3-4 feet to the right of the first one (for a draw) or to the left of the first one (for a fade).
  • Complete your first guess to see how many times out of 10 you can shoot the ball to the right or left of your target. Choose a side and measure your game at that point.
  • The object is to eventually get 7 out of 10 shots to start on the correct side and get back on target.

My Secret to Better Golf

Let's face it, to be really good at golf, we need to practice regularly. About three years ago I took a risk and invested in a golf simulator for my garage. I chose SkyTrak Launch Monitor and TGC software and now I can play over 100,000 courses including Augusta, Pebble Beach, Bethpage Black and Whistling Straits. St Andrews and many others in the top 100 golf courses in the world.

More affordable than you might think, this golf simulator setup has changed the game. Now I can play golf all year round, no matter the rain, snow, cold or time of day. I can practice or play golf. I can stand on the 11th fairway at Augusta and with the auto-rewind feature I can practice my approach shots from different spreads.

Rain or Shine Golf is worth checking out as they offer some amazing packages as well as hard-to-beat financing deals.

Some direct links to Rain or Shine Golf for pricing and financing:

Take action - what you can do today to improve

What does this mean for you? I believe in the following recipe for improvement:

1 - Improve your golf swing movement by identifying a golf instructor. Here are some options:

Here is a list ofgolf playerWhat we analyze:

  • Jorge Gankas
  • bobby lopez
  • shawn clementes
  • mike malaska
  • jim blues
  • Monte Scheinblum

2 - Train to swing faster and improve your turning speed. Here are some options:

You're looking for more speed and distance in your swing. Two options:

3 - Understand the pricing strategy and work to break your next barrier. Here is a revolutionary series:

We provide guides on how to break 100, 90, 80 and 70. See below for more information if interested.

(Video) 4-iron vs 5-hybrid vs 9-wood | Which Golf Club Should You Play?

  • how to break 100
  • how to break 90
  • how to break 80
  • how to break 70

4 - Practice often

Did you know that I built a golf simulator in my garage and played over 500 rounds of golf on my SkyTrak system? It was a game changer and well worth checking out. These are some of my other posts aboutthe golf simulatorCommon questions:

  • Is a golf simulator worth it?
  • How is a golf simulator built?
  • What is the best golf simulator?
  • Accessories for the golf simulator?
  • How to Build a Golf Simulator for Under $7,000
  • Top 11 Reasons to Buy a SkyTrak
  • How to Build a Golf Simulator for Under $1,000
  • Why build a golf simulator?
  • What space is needed?
  • Can a golf simulator improve my game?
  • How much does a golf simulator cost?
  • Don't forget to check out our top 15 golf swings of all time.


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